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Block me a River

A quick post before we pack ourselves off to Michigan for the weekend...

Crappy pic courtesy of the gloomy weather we've got going on right now. Sorry.

River is happily blocking on the living room floor, luxuriating in the breeze of our electric fan. The plan is to unpin her this afternoon, take her up to Michigan with us, do a FO photo shoot while we're there and then leave her with my brother-in-law Natey to give to my future brother-in-law Ross to give to my little sister Kricket. Got that? Right.

Blocking details: full soak and string blocking to get those nice crisp edges. You just can't see it because I used green string. Sneaky me.

On to the final order of business for the day. The proud new owner of the Knit.1 mag is...Lizzie! Lizzie, you should have an e-mail from me already so that you can reply with your address. Thanks for playing everybody!

Have a great weekend all! I'll be in the car for at least 10-11 hours this weekend so hopefully I'll have something good to show you when I get back...


Enjoy your time in my lovely home state, Michigan!

Yay! It will be hard to give away once you put it on...

What a lucky sister. I don't think I could give that beauty away.

Safe traveling!!

It looks amazing! And I'm so impressed that you are finished so far before your deadline--Congratulations!