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Progress (of sorts)

I seem to have two modes: the Elli that knits and the Elli that gets things done. Guess which one of my alter egos has been around for the past week? Yup. I've been getting tons accomplished (we're talking washing the windows AND vacuuming behind the couch people). However, you'll be happy to hear that last night I hopped back on the knitting train and blasted through the yoke on the baby sweater. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself until I took a look at the placement of the button band.

Lighting brought to you courtesy of my window-free office

Looks like I'll be ripping that out and trying again. And in case anyone is wondering, I'm still undecided on embellishment. There were tons of great suggestions (thanks to all of you who weighed in!); I just haven’t made up my mind yet.

In other news: I got my flowers in over the weekend. I've lived in this apartment for a few years now, and I’ve finally figured out that anything requiring much water won’t work since it gets hotter than the Sahara out front in the summertime. So this year it’s all full-sun, draught-resistant, idiot-proof plantings for me! I already love not having to haul water outside every day.

Nasturtiums for the flowerbox (Empress of India...these will be red if they ever get around to blooming). I love how the leaves look like little lily pads, or alien antennae:

Portulaca (moss rose) for the wine crates. I’m loving the old lady colors, especially the poppy orange. Also pictured, my morning glories (in the ground, which I’m hoping will equal self-watering) and you can just see the geraniums, basil and rosemary off to the left.


Yay plants! In yet other news: I got some excellent thrifting in over the weekend. More on that later...


Ooooh, yeah. Button band, not good. I didn't finish those booties btw.. but mighty close. Oh well.

Oh, no. Bummer! But other than that, it's looking adorable.

Nasturtiums sounds like my kinda plant; it doesn't need lots of attention, AND it's pretty, AND it turns red? How cool is that? :D

delurking to say that nasturtiums are edible - real peppery, kinda like a mustard plant, both the leaves and, even better, the flower. delish!

lovely knitting and blog ;)

So, okay, the button band is off-center, but there's nothing wrong with that! It's a cool style element, don't you think?
I did that on a top-down (!)baby raglan sweater a while back, too, and I'm rather fond of it now.
Oh, and that's a nice knitting project background, too:-)

Oooh, lovely gardening.

Hmm, getting things done (vacuuming, cleaning, etc.). It's a good thing to do, but I always end up with nothing to blog about when I do it. Who wants to see my vacuuming progress. Ehm, nobody. So that's why I just keep thinks messy around here. :)

It's really cute! Why not go with the asymmetric look? :)

do you have an early printing of the book? I made the same sweater, and had the same button band issue. It's the pattern--not you! You'll find the corrections on her website, or in the newer printings of the book. Bummer! I ended up leaving mine off center, though, and kind of like it.
(and really? vacuuming behind the couch? my, my.)

Aside from the button band (no biggie) your sweater looks very cute! That one is at the top of my list for baby knitting if the oppurtunity comes along. I love how the purl stitches make the cuffs and collar look almost fluffy. It's adorable and simple. Good job on your plantings! They look really nice! I'll be doing a little post about the plantings around our new apartment...I had to revise how I garden since we have almost no space and the front area is in deep shade. Plants make a place so nice, though!

Nasturtiums do their best flowering when they get plenty of sun and not a huge amount of water. Don't let them get droopy, but let the soil get a bit dry between waterings. I usually prefer perennials, but they're great container plants.

Nice job on the baby sweater!