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New Projects

Don't you think it's high time we had a couple of new projects around here? Me too.

Kricket's River:

I started this one on Monday and am slowly chugging along on it. I've already had to rip back twice because of stupid mistakes so it's pretty obvious that I'm going to have to learn to respect the River and take my time. The nuptials aren't until August 25, so I'm not in a rush, I’m just not used to having to pay such close attention to every. single. stitch. The pattern is easy enough; it's the fuzzy wuzzy yarn that’s tripping me up. Kidsilk Haze knitters of the world, I salute you.

[Krick, if you’re reading this…every stitch is sheer joy. It’s the most wonderful knit ever.]


Picovoli has been on my to-knit list for a while and it looks like it's time has finally come since I need an easy project for travel knitting. That swatch there is a bit pointless, as I changed needle sizes so many times over so few rows that you really can't tell much from it at all. Regardless, I'm going to go ahead and guess that size fives are where it's at since I don't have time to reswatch.

Anyway, I'm off to a work-related conferencey thing in Columbus, Ohio and will be internetless until Thursday. I'm already horribly behind on all things blog-related, so I apologize if I haven't responded/commented/said hi lately...it's going to be a little while longer before I can get to it. Keep the blog warm for me!


Have fun at your conference. Jay is sure to be keeping Thunk out of too much trouble (I sense much WoW happening during the next few days ;) ).

ha, where the heck are those toys from? They crack me up! Have fun at the conference, is it GIS related?

Have a safe trip! The River Stole is looking quite pretty already-- Kidsilk Haze can be such a pain to work with, but I've found that the end result is always worth the hassle.

I love both of those greens. It would almost be safe to say that I love all greens, but those two look particularly lovely. The Picovoli is a perfect, mindless, travelling knit so it sounds like you'll have a good balance. Hope your conference allows for lots of knitting time. ;)

Kidsilk hase - so pretty, and yet such a pain in the arse to knit with!

it does look lovely though, and a little goes a long way. :)

i knitted a Picovoli last summer. it's a good, adaptable pattern, and it fit really well. i love the colour of yarn you're using. i'll look forward to see this over the next few weeks. :)

Love the vikings; they look like they're getting ready to cross the treacherous river.