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My voli has picots, does yours?

Picovoli knitting has commenced. Believe it or not, I'm almost to the sleeve cap bits (but it doesn't really take all that long to get there, does it?).


Once I got a few rows in I (perhaps unwisely) knitted my provisional cast-on stitches together with the live stitches to save me the trouble of going back and sewing them down later. It seems to have worked like a charm...the only tricky bit was remembering to compensate for the extra stitches created by the raglan increases. I'm still waiting to get to the point in the pattern where I find out that I wasn't supposed to do that, but it hasn't happened yet. La, la, la...waiting for the hammer to fall...la, la...

Been wondering what to do with all those little girly necklace charms you've got lying around? Stitch markers!

I've also been getting some knitting in on River but it looks a lot like it does here, so I'll just let you use your imagination.

That's all I've got. Over and out peeps.


Is that Knitpicks Shine in Grass? I started a Tivoli last year that I frogged to restart.. we could be twins!

I love the color you chose...what is the yarn?

I did the same thing (knitting up the hem rather than sewing later) -- on the Rogue I'm working on. One less bit of finishing, I say. I haven't been able to think of any reason it would be a problem -- other than the raglan shaping, which you took care of. I like it when pieces look nice and neat and almost finished while I'm still working on them -- much more motivating than working on a curly, unhemmed piece with lots of work to do before it will look like something wearable.

Looks great! I love the stitch marker.

I like the look of that yarn.

Woman! I don't know how you get your knitting to look so even, my tension is horrible.

I did the same thing with my picovoli (that now I have to rip due to gauge issues) 'cause no way was I going back to sew them down. I think (fingers crossed!) that it should be hunky dory!

*Sigh*, that green! It's beautiful! I really like the picots. I chickened out on doing those on mine, I remember reading somewhere how picots are tedious, and the picots have to be individially stitched down or some such. What is your opinion? I'm thinking it's worth it 'cause they're so cute! Soon I will have a pic of my finished orange one up...

Oh, how pretty! The green is so vibrant...and the stitches look very sharp.

Cute marker. :D

What, with tiny rotund Vikings attached? ;)

As I said last time, and will probably continue to do since I am fairly predictable when it comes to green - what nice yarn.

I opted out of the picots, I thought they were too 'pretty'. But yours are very nice. Maybe on my next one...

Knitting up the picots as you go isn't going to bite you on the arse, just so you know. :)

I love that green, and the stitch markers are lovely!