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Finished: Stripey Regia Socks

I'll go ahead and say it. Fickle knitter, thy name is Elli. First I get you all worked up about new projects and how there will be Picovolis and Rivers up the wazoo and then, you guessed it...I go and work on an old project that you probably don't even remember (we're talking bottom of the basket here). But hey, I finished something!

Recent shoe purchase inspired by

The Specs:
Pattern: Your basic toe-up frankenpattern.
Yarn: Regia Cotton Surf
Skeins: A little under one ball of color 5411.
Needles: Started on Addi size 2 circs, switched to bamboo dpns, sizes 1 and 1.5.
Start to finish: Sometime last summer - June 18
For: Me!

These socks started out as my first and only attempt at the two socks at once/magic loop method. I managed to knit up to the heels before switching to dpns (yup! I'm a big old quitter). I used my favorite PGR shortrow heel, knitted a k3 p2 cuff and finished them off with a stretchy bind off (the one that involves picking up and binding off an extra stitch at even intervals around the top of the cuff), which seemed to work pretty well. It's a little ruffley looking, but I don't mind.

The Yarn:
Cotton Surf is 41% wool but it still knits like cotton (makes my wrists hurt), is pretty inelastic, and tends to be fairly splitty. On the plus side, it's nice and soft and the colors are nice and fun. No comment on warmth yet...it's too hot to give these more than a five minute test wear. So, not a bad yarn for what it is (being cottony isn't actually a sin after all) but I think I'll stick with wool sock yarn from now on.

Final Verdict: Everybody loves a good sock!


I bought those shoes, too!! The may become the official sock-knitter's shoe.
I want to wear them with my purple & green jaywalkers.

I love the shoes. The socks look wonderful too! Great work!

The socks look great! And, dang! I love those shoes!!!!

i want those shoes, too!!! argh... they are sooo adorable with handknit socks!

Great looking socks! The shoes are awesome!

Nice, I say, especially with the shoes.

Great socks and fun, fun shoes!!

Cute socks and I might have to jump on the bandwagon and get those shoes myself!

Hmmm... what about the magic loop method that made it so dreadful for you? I've never tried it before but was thinking about learning it soon. Now you've got me a bit skeptical... The socks look fun and cheerful regardless of the method you used. :)

Sweet socks! And the shoes, I think we all agree that those are mighty fine:-)
BTW, I absolutely love the squirrely mittens and I'm making them for the bitchin' mittens kal. check out the progress pic on my blog! It's been so much fun seeing the squirrels come alive!

Not only have you inspired me to buy the green ones, I also bought the dark brown shoes! Great sock colors as well! So far I am not a sock knitter, but after seeing your shoes and socks together, I just might become one!

I love the socks and the shoes too! I also loathe the magic loop...I'll stick with the bamboo dpn. Beautiful!

Oh, your socks turned out great! I love ho the tops look kind of ruffly. And ith the shoes? Perfect!

Perfect and beautiful. Love the shoes too.

How much do I want those shoes?! Love how the socks turned out. One of these days I will master the toe-up variety. Just have to get past that pesky cast on. Welcome home!

Oh!! Those shoes!! I love, love love them with your socks. Fabulous. ;) Aren't they so much fun?

cute socks, goes perfectly with the shoes!

Sweet socks! the combination of this color is so cute.

i love that sock/shoe combo.

Your photo is great!

(I love how craft blogs kinda force me to take better photos and think more about how to present them. :)