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Cherry Pie

Saturday morning Thunk and I went to the farmers market and stumbled upon some sour cherries. Pie time!


I've never been much of a pie maker...this one was only my second (my career as a piemaker was cut short early on when I managed to bake the single most unremarkable apple pie the Midwest has ever seen). Things are looking up though...I would say this one fell under the heading of "delicious." We're going back next Saturday to look for more cherries.

A little preview of things to come:



That's just plain delicious-looking. I'm going to have to hit the farmers' market here this weekend to make my own.

Oh that looks so good! I'm sitting here eating the sweet cherries I just bought at the farmer's market this morning. I LOVE farmer's markets!

Oh, that looks SOOO good, and I can't tell if it's just the pie or the fantastic photos!

SPHEREY!!!! Dude, did you know that I'm currently working on a Squarey? Send me summa dat yummy pie!

Will there be any left on Tuesday night? Yum, yum, YUM!!! :))

He's soo cute when he peeps out of things. ;)
This is very funny, because as you will see in my next post, I baked a cherry pie too! I was planning on sharing a pic too. I guess it's not too coincidental, we are deep in cherry season! I love the top of your pie, it's very cool. I've never seen a pie shell like that before.

I love the little holes in the top of the pie, its so not pie weather, but I'm thinking of making a cherrie tart with meringue topping.

Like a lemon meringue pie, but cherries.

Great knitting needle collection!

I love the way you made the top crust. Nice!