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Where did that come from?

Look! It’s a nearly completed modified minisweater!

You’re right…that’s not natural light.

This may quite possibly be the quickest knitting project ever. I started it over the weekend and have been halfheartedly knitting at it (an episode of Buffy here…a horrifically inane Adam Sandler movie there…). Much to my surprise, I bound off the bottom last night. I should say that it does help that I don’t have much, um, surface area up there.

The yarn is some Cascade 220 from the stash (I originally bought it for mittens, which is what I tell myself every time I grab two skeins of something) and it looks like I’ll have more than enough to finish. I should have a FO in the next couple of days!

In other news, I took the day off yesterday and, among other responsible-adult-type things, did the budget. It looks like the vintage needle purchase and the Weekender Bag pretty much cleaned out the yarn money fund so you can count on seeing a lot of stash yarn over the next couple of months. This is not necessarily a bad thing.


cute little minisweater! The color is a good choice, looking forward to seeing it in natural light :-)

Oooh! I love it. I've been eyeying this pattern for awhile, and seeing your *almost* completed version is motivating me to buy some yarn for it! And good for you for using the stash yarn. It makes you so much more creative having to use what's available, I think.

Very cute my dear! I also need to stop shopping.. oh lord.

For unnatural light, that looks pretty good. What a cute mini-sweater, and just in time for spring. Great color!
I am so jealous that your unblocked (I'm assuming?) sweater looks so even and nice.

Nice color! I had plan to make another one too, since I gave mine away last spring.

that weekender bag was well worth the sacrifice -- it is so pretty.

Not at all! I love a project sourced from the stash. It seems much more resourceful, somehow (however extravagant the impulse that put the yarn in the drawer/cupboard!), and something about it feels closer to aspects of knitting that we can lose easily in the world of luxury yarn and designer patterns.
Nice boobholder too. I like the collar you've added to it a lot.

Good for you for keeping a budget! I plan on beginning one of those when I move in with my boyrfriend. Honestly, I'm looking forward to it, I like organization, and I'm not afraid of money! Your mini sweater looks great, I really love your design elements.

Beautiful shade of green.
That is such a cute pattern. I really like the neck definition on yours.

I have just found your blog and by far it is one of the best I have seen. For the past two weeks I find myself checking your site often and feeling ultra inspired! The weekend bag and the minisweater look absolutely bee-utiful and I can't wait for the shawl!

I like your modified version better than the original. Care to tell us your mods?

I just found your site today and I just wanted to let you know that I think all of your projects are absolutely beautiful! You inspired me with your Hourglass sweater. I just ripped mine out (I was about half done when I realize it was going to be too small). I'm going to start it again today.

that turned out super cute!