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So where's the bag?


I spent the weekend sewing away like a madperson on my Weekender Travel Bag for the sew-i-knit! bag-along (which ended yesterday) but I'm not quite finished yet.

Aside from realizing that I’d blown through all my thread before I was halfway through the project, things are going really, really well. Piping may be my nemesis, but yesterday I conquered and subdued it (with the help of lots and lots of thread). I do fully realize that my sewing hubris may cause the lining to spontaneously combust on me, but I’ll take my chances and say that this is looking to be the best sewing project yet…finally knocking that camouflage dress I sewed in college out of the top spot.

Tonight's Assignment: To stitch a couple more bits of the lining together and get it to go inside the bag. That’s it!

Of course, being in hypersew mode, I didn't pause to take any pictures. You get more vintage needles today, ok?



GOOD FOR YOU! I have no bag to show either.. not even somethign that resembles one. The zipper is killing me.. ugh. I can't wait to see yours!

I can't wait to see it, I love that bag!!

The colors of your needles never cease to delight me. =) I love the greens! Can't wait to see this weekender bag...it looks like quite an impressive project.

I'm so in love with that bag. and where did you get the pattern for the orangy high collared sweater in your "6 months" photo section? the one that the guy is wearing. I've got to have it !

When you show off so many green needles, yes, that's quite OK. ;)

thanks for the mitten pattern! i found your blog through adrian's, and have read your archives. your parents' presents were perfect :-)

Do you still have that camouflage dress to show? Sound interesting...