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I hope y'all had a lovely weekend...I did! I started up a new project but neglected to take any pictures for you. So in the meantime, hoof it on over to Hello Yarn and take a gander at Adrian's fabulous mittens. This is the first pair (that I'm aware of) that anybody has made using my pattern. So thrilling! I just love all the little additions she's made.

And, since it's not a blog post if there's no picture, here's a preview of things to come:



Well, Adrian may be the first one to complete them, but I have plans for them myself! They are so cute!

A lovely stole, but I recommend a more pleasant facial expression than the model.

oooo lala, that is going to be gorgeous.

Beautiful colour KSH! Yum. It looks like pistachio nuts, and eau de nil. Yum yum.

Ooh, that gives me an idea for the big ball of mohair that I bought at last year's Fleece Fair! Very pretty!

So pretty... did you get the KSH in Meadow? I love that shade!

Thanks, Elli! I'm glad you like them.

To continue our conversation about gauge, I think it is totally apropriate to include a little something about resizing the mittens by changing gauge. I barely changed it and got a mitten 1" larger. So easy! I'm not sure what difference there is in length, since mine aren't straight from the pattern.

Beautiful! I'm not familiar with the book or pattern. Can you tell me what book that is?

I love the color, too! Gorgeous yarn.