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Gussied Up: the Very Fast Chair

I'm branching out! The knitting has been languishing because other crafty things keep stealing my interest.

Thunk and I were at the fabric store last week when this terrifically tacky red glitter vinyl caught his eye. I was a little skeptical at first, but I’ve been wanting to redo the computer chair and it was only $3.50. Who could pass that up? Chair makeover ho! Unfortunately, the pics did not accurately capture the Extreme Glitteryness which is this chair, but you can use your imagination.


Materials: 1.5 yards of fabulous glittery vinyl, one old Steelcase chair in need of help, staple gun, pliers, spray adhesive, screwdriver, razor knife thingy.

Time required: one rainy evening.

Procedure: Unscrew seat and back from frame and remove old vinyl (the most time-consuming part of the whole process was using pliers to remove all the old staples). Using old vinyl as a template, cut new pieces a few inches larger. Staple and glue vinyl back on (I reused the old foam which was still in good shape and stapled things where they had been stapled and glued things where they had been glued). Screw seat and backrest back onto frame. Easy peasy!

the chair out to pasture.

Final Verdict: Love it! In the right light it looks just like Dorothy's ruby slippers (except, you know, chair-shaped). It's been dubbed the Very Fast Chair because, well, it looks very fast.


What a great chair!!!

That is *fabulous*!

nice chair redux! The photo of the chair on the grass is great too.

It's a sporty model of the Steelcase chair. Great job!

fabulous chair! Aren't you crafty!

Cool! My kitchen chairs are super glittery red just like that! Yours might be cooler though since you made it.

Nice chair. ;) I think 'easy peasy' should probably precede the concession 'if you are very good at all things crafty'! I can't believe how neat you made it! The back is really impressive. Did you do that all by gluing?

*Vroom, vroom* The glittery vinyl reminds me of the stuff they used to cover swivel stools in candy stores/burger joints in the '50s. I do think that chair is beaming.

That looks fab! To make it even faster you could add some 'Go faster' stripes!

That looks great! So sleek!

Awesome.. I can see the sparkly goodness on the back rest!

You really make it sound so easy!

Very fast chair! Haha! It looks awesome! A job well done. (great pics too, by the way).

Great job! It looks perfect.

i love that chair. it looks great.