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Free is good...


For those of you who are big on Amy Butler but think your sewing skillz might need a little boost before you're ready to drop 12.95 for a pattern...check out her free downloadable pattern selection here (click on the link in the lower right corner). There are a few patterns of the simpler variety, including that pillow pattern there, and one retina-frying quilt pattern for the more advanced sewists. All patterns are 100% guaranteed to make you want to run out and buy her fabrics.

In knitting news: the minisweater has been done for days but I’m having a bit of a button crisis. Button shopping is scheduled for Tuesday night. In addition, the rain and general gloominess have sapped my crafty powers. The extended forecast looks like at least five more days of the same. Anybody want to invite me to come and stay with them in some sunny corner of the globe? Perhaps someone out there has a spare tropical island? I am willing to swap yarn.


Button shopping is fun! Sorry to hear you've got our 2-month weather plague now. It was 80 here yesterday.. almost unheard of so early in the year!

Yup! Oh, er, no. I don't think you'd like to swap yarn for exam revision. Yuk yuk yuk. And the weather has suddenly laughed at us and reverted to rain and cloud. More yuk. You're better off going pattern shopping.

Oh dear, for 'pattern' read 'button'. Brain. Fried. Must. Sleep.

Thanks for the free pattern link! I would definitely fall in the sewing-improvement-needed category. As I see bag-making in my near future, this practice would be a good thing.

Sorry, no nice weather here either-- it's been rainy or cloudy for the majority of the last couple of weeks. It's most unlike a typical May in Japan...

Well considering I live an hour away from you, I guess I can't offer you a sunny oasis, can I? Really, more rain? Ugh, we have so much yardwork to do. No time for this nonsense! :) BTW, I'm trying to sweet talk my mom into making the Weekend Bag for me...just need to pick out my favorite Amy Butler fabric (they are so pretty!).

weeeelllll, i can offer autumn/early winter sunshine in central otago, nz and some g'n'ts while sitting on the chairs in
the garden and knitting. i need to find an amy butler pattern supplier who can post them to this neck of the woods. your weekend bag is sooo cool

Ye gads, come to Stockton, where I just moved with my boyfriend! Freakin' hot!!

You could come to Germany...it's been perfect weather lately. Sunny, but not too hot...and a nice cool breeze. It's a long plane ride though. :)

Thanks for the tip about the free patterns! All of Amy Butler's pattern are so gorgeous.