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Finished: Weekender Travel Bag

The bag, it is finished!


The Specs:
-Pattern: Weekender Travel Bag, by Amy Butler
-Start to Finish: April 24 to May 3
-For: me (sewed along with the Sew? I Knit! crowd).

My opinion of the pattern? The pattern was all you could ask it to be: cute, and well written. I was a little surprised at how complicated the whole operation was (lots of shopping, measuring, cutting, basting, pinning, ripping, resewing, and hand stitching involved there) but it was worth the trouble. I’d recommend it for any of you sewey types out there. Just watch out for that piping. It’s a doozie.

How did I do? The finished bag is a bit lumpy, but in a charming way. I'll be the first to admit that it was filled with laundry and pinched and prodded into submission before its photo shoot. In real life it’s a bit more schlumpy and casual. I was right in thinking that the pattern was a little above my skill level, but I learned a lot and I’m really glad I tried it…sometimes you just get lucky and things work out.


Final Verdict: Yes, oh yes, we like it!

And for those of you who want to know...

The Damage:
-Sewing machines required: 2 (sometimes you just need a different zipper foot).
-Number of times I cleaned and oiled one of the above machines hoping that it would magically improve my sewing skills: 3
-Sewing Machine needles sacrificed: 2 broken, 1 bent, 2 blunted.
-Spools of thread: 3.5 (by the end it wasn't even coordinating).
-Number of times I said "Ow!" while making this bag: 2,541 (pins, rotary cutter, needles, iron...sewing is a dangerous sport)!


Cute bag! I do like it. One of these days I will have to get myself a sewing machine. I've read (and seen) such good stuff!

This is SO wonderful! It looks so well made, too. Bravo! That piping looks like a bit of a bear to muddle through. Oy.

Your bag is *awesome*!!! I love the colors. Great job, Elli!

well done, your a brave women. I love this bag but I'm a little bit too chicken to give it a go!! Thanks for making me think for a split second that maybe I can...

its definitely worth it! You've done an amazing job (from what I see here at least)...and your colour selection is pretty fab too. Now I want one!

That's a really great bag!

You did a fantastic job with the bag and it looks great! I especially like your colour scheme, very spring-like and pretty :)

awesome job, lady! I'm working on getting the piping on the main panels right now. It's break time. That damn zipper still got the best of me!

Love your bag! I certainly can identify with your "The Damage" section :D).

Oh my... your new bag is GORGEOUS! I love the fabric, and you've really done a great job. How I wish I would know how to sew...

w-w-w-wow! Thanks for your honesty about the difficulty, otherwise I would be getting ready to make one myself, and I CAN'T sew!

So cute! I love the fabric you chose; the parrots look retro cool.. maybe like 70s Florida.

That's so cute! I love how the colors compliment each other so well. Perfect for spring. Great job!

Your weekender is beautiful! I love your choice in fabric. So far, I've purchased three of her patterns, but since I'm a newbie to sewing I've been stalling, never mind looking for her fabric is next to impossible.

You had me LOL @ your 2541 ows but from the looks of the bag, it was well worth it.

Your bag looks great! I love how you matched the parrot pattern on the pockets and the main panels - very professional looking. I need to sit down and finish my Weekender one of these days, but I'm a bit frightened of the bulky seams that come next.

Oh I love that bag! You did such a good job and I love your fabric choice. I wish I could make one but I am the worst seamstress ever.

Lovely fabric choices...those colors are so complementary. For all of your problems, it looks like you did a very professional job!

I love your bag and I think your choice in fabric and colourings are sooo good:-)

It looks amazing! Now I can't wait to finish mine. What an accomplishment!

Absolutely amazing... it looks really good!

what a cutie!!! i'm so envious. i want one. but really, it may be too complicated for me at the moment. but, yours is really an inspiration!

Hi, I just finished this bag too. Do you think you could share some pictures of your lining? Hand sewing this in was the most difficult part for me and I'd love to see other's efforts. Thanks!

Wow what a fabulous bag! Great job!

It looks *so* cute, girl! The parakeets are adorable! Isn't it nice that it was worth the pain? I really have to agree with you on the suffering involved in sewing. I made a DPN case like the one you posted about (yes, I'll post about it soon) and every little step had manifold frustrations. Even when you're totally alert and involved, things still come out lopsided. I'm definitely a knitter before I'm a sewer!

Oh Elli, that's just so adorable!!! I want one! Hmm, I think I will need to commission my mother, who is much more talented at the sewing machine than me. Tres chic!

Whoa. Coolest bag ever. Makes me want to make one. Did it give you that giddy jump up and down feeling when you finished? Because it should have.

Wonderful work. I love Amy Butler's patterns, and you did a fine job with this! The fabric is fabu!

I loves it! Very pretty work--congrats!

It came out sooo cute--and my two favorite colors together too. I'm impressed!

Gor-gee-ous! Very hot.

Gorgeous bag!it looks really good and great job!

Be still my envious heart. You should be very proud of yourself - no amount of laundry and prodding can detract from your good taste in the excellent fabric and trimming combination, and your perseverence. I love how you've matched the fabric so well so that the design carries on perfectly over the line of pink piping at the top of the outside pocket. straps are. Well done! ;)

love the bag! love the colors!

Really really fabulous! I love its shape, the fabric and the finishing color you chose. What can I say after 33 amazing comments? Great seamstress, great knitter, great tasted!

cute bag, love it

The bag is gorgeous! I want to make one too. I love the bird fabric you chose and the piping - it was worth the effort! It looks perfect to me.

I love it! The fabric you chose is gorgeous!

I love it!

Everytime I see one of these bags it gets pushed higher up my 'to do' list.

I love the fabric. I've never seen that pattern before.


that bag is amazing. i wish i had the heart to make it. i drool over each one i see. the fabric you chose is awesome too!

your blog is adorable :)

Wandered over here by way of your mom (she goes to my church!). Thought I'd stop by and say hi. Love your blog.

I love it.