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Ack! Baby Shower!

A couple of days ago I realized that my friend's baby shower is coming right up (June 2) thus vaulting me into Emergency Gift Knitting Mode. Here's what I've got so far:


It's the Child's Placket-Neck Pullover from the most aptly named Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Recognize the yarn? Yup, it's a stashbuster! I had four balls of the Handwork Cora left over from my Apricot Jacket.

I made pretty good progress on it last night, but now I’m starting to regret picking such a plain pattern. Does anybody out there have any ideas for baby-boy-appropriate embellishments? I absolutely refuse to make it sports-themed, but I'm open to other suggestions. Maybe something with fish? The mum-to-be is a biologist. Any ideas (fishy or otherwise) would be greatly appreciated!


Maybe choosing fish shaped buttons would make it more boyish. Or doing some simple embroidery of some fish on one side, like they're swimming across the sweater.

Have you checked the errata for this pattern? Shannon had lots of problems before she did. You can read her post here: http://gringa.org/archives/cat_purple_placket_sweater.php
And the authors have published a corrected pattern (there were that many errors) here: http://www.purlsoho.com/gr/book_corrections/pattern_childsplacketsweater.pdf

I think it's such a darling sweater though. I think the button idea is great. Embroidery would be cute, but I'd never get it done. There's one baby sweater on Knitty (yarn harlot's daisy sweater) that had knitted snakes that you add to the sweater, but their site's down at the moment. Good luck! Looks great so far!

Pirate theme! Fish? Sushi theme! Er, may not go over so well with a fish lover.

A little patch with a fish on it? I'm a big fan of knitted goods with patches.

Little boys usually like trucks or lizards, things like that. Any sort of embroidery on there would be adorable.

I agree that some embroidery would look great. Maybe some fun bugs?

If you have time, how 'bout knitting up one of those sea creatures from Knitty.com to put in the box with the sweater?

Dude.. I was about to start that a few days ago.. with even a worse deadline than you.. THIS SATURDAY. I opted not to and will purchase my gift. But I will try to knock out a pair of booties. =)

hello, elli. this is your cuzling jademonster writing, and i've been talking to my 3 year-old nephew lukey. he's always telling me "i'm a little baby tiger" so maybe you could try one of those on the boy sweater. xxoo and hullo to thunky.

How about something along the lines of what is done on the sweater on this page http://www.dopaminefiend.com/archives/2006/03/hourglass.php ?

With an almost two year old son, I came to really value clothing that was versatile and didn't limit the possibilites. That said, I do think adding some simple color would help. I was thinking maybe you could do the raglan seams (is that what they're called?) in a common boy color (red or blue, maybe green) and maybe even knit the collar and the cuffs in the same color? Also, you could put some neat buttons on, but I wouldn't theme it, just some nice bigger buttons with color. I think this would add the cuteness factor and still allow for some versatility, if that makes any sense.

I have boys and we like stripes. just add a strip or two of color across the chest.

hi! First time commenter and biology degree holder (not that I actually use it for anything, other than laughing at Far Side cartoons).

What about an amoeba? All you'd have to do is embroider a fried egg looking shape with a dot somewhere inside, maybe add some hairs on the outside (flagellum) and, ta dah! Single-celled organism, done!

it looks good! don't forget to look at the errata! http://www.purlsoho.com/purl/book_corrections

Hey there...how about a star? you could either use a blue/black/dark brown or juse use a purl stitch to make it raised. Or how about just a thick stripe of a different color?
Love it! I really want to get that book!!

That's a cute sweater, and there's nothing wrong with going simple, especially on a deadline.

I glanced through my vintage pattern books and found: football (I know, I wouldn't pick it either), kitty cats holding yarn, rabbits, doggies, ducklings with big heads, squirrel (I'm sure you thought of this?) teddybears, elephants holding balloons (my fave), simple fishies, a cowboy with a rocking horse, and the topper... a "helmet" (not a bonnet, mind you) with a handgun on each side panel, bear in mind this was from the 50s (well, it's not a sport theme!) Some are meant to be picture sweaters and some are smaller graphs, but I bet they could be adapted? Want to see any graphs?

I started a pair of Mother's Day socks on a 5-day deadline, but a sweater, now that's impressive! Best of luck.

Adorable! If it were me knitting that, I think I would add some fun buttons - I would need to keep the knitting simple enough to just finish it on time. I also like just adding buttons to keep the sweater's design simple and versatile. Very classy for a kidling. Very cute!

Very cute, and the color is great.

Even if you decide not to embroider it, I think it will be perfect.

A sheep? :)