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Ships and Shoes and Sealing Wax


There are exciting things afoot at Chez Elliphantom including, but not limited to:

-The Indiana Fleece Fair is on Saturday! Plans are to meet up with Wendie and (try) not to spend too much money. It's not Rhinebeck, but it's ours. Anybody else going to be there?

-I joined the Sew? I Knit! bag-along. Yes, making the needle case woke the sleeping seamstress within. Don't worry. I'll be making a knitting bag. Well, technically, you could argue all my bags are knitting bags. I'm sewing the Weekender Travel Bag by Amy Butler. Hugely ambitious, possibly disastrous, but oh so cute!

-I bought some vintage grosgrain ribbon at the thrift store this weekend (see pic above) and want to make something cool with it. Anybody have any ideas? I may possibly make a belt, but (horizontal stripes about the midsection not always being the wisest fashion choice) I'm open to other possibilities.

-Progress continues on the Apricot Jacket. Unfortunately I don't have anything to show since I had to rip out two evenings worth of knitting today. It should be noted that, when one copies down errata, one should copy out ALL of it. Not just some of it. Bah.

But I am very upbeat about it. Yes indeed. Over and out.


You could use the ribbon as handles on a tote or a box bag. I'm looking forward to seeing how your weekender bag turns out. I love that bag!!

I'm making the Weekender Bag too! I just ordered some fabric for it.. (ugh $$$) What are you going to use?

What beautiful ribbon! I was thinking you could use them as handles for a tote bag too. One of my favourite bags is large, rectangular (large enough to fit a gigantic lever arch file and other oddments like pencil case, knitting etc...) with straps long enough to go over the shouldder BUT - this is the important bit - unlike other bags I've seen the straps continue all the way down the body of the bag making it a) more secure and b) adding decorative interest. I think that would suit your ribbon really well! You could line the ribbon with canvas or something for strength when they turn into straps rather than vertical stripes on your bag. The belt looks nice too.

They say beach or nautical to me. How about a big old sun hat trimmed with ribbon around the rim? Or one of those roll-up beach mats with ribbon handles?

I'm so unoriginal. I would just use the ribbon as gift wrap trim. Because I love giving a well wrapped gift.

Yay! Fleece Fair!! Yarn and carnival food, what could be better??!

Sorry about Apricot...it happens to everyone!! Yay for sewing! I really can't wait to see your projects! And don't worry about the stripes on the belt...I think horizontal stripes make you look wider when they're covering a large portion of your body, but I could be wrong. At any rate, stripes are super cute!

Oh I can't wait to see your bag. Have you pick out your fabric yet?

I joined the Sew-I-Knit-along too. That weekender bag looks like it'll be quite a task, but impressive in the end. I take my hat off to you for attempting it.