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Needles 2.0


Have I mentioned that I love vintage knitting needles? I just got these ones earlier this week. They're mostly old Patons, Aeros and Parfreys and in their previous lives they were well-loved by an Australian knitter. I've adopted them and plan to put a little more wear on them before they retire.


The weather was perfect today. I took these pictures with all the windows open and a warm breeze blowing through. I didn’t have time to get many photos taken before it got dark though, so I’ll have to wait for a nice sunny Saturday and get a few more.



Wow, I was not prepared for that last photo! Amazing, beautiful needle stash.

That *is* an amzing stash! Quantity and quality! Your pictures of the needles are just gorgeous.

Wow, those rainbow of needles look really cool!

What great finds! These needles must inspire you to knit something colorful.

how fantastic!! I used to buy old knitting needles off ebay...but then got swept away by circulars. I almost never knit on straights anymore!

Oooh. Just as good as yarn stash.

Dang, that's a lot of needles. I love needles. Unlike yarn, you can keep them forever and look at them.

Oooh! That's a wonderful stash of needles, in a lovely rainbow of colours.

Great vintage needles! I have a bunch of old aluminum needles that my grandmother gave me. Some of them are featured on my blog's masthead.

i think you may have outbid me on e-bay!