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Jacking up the Apricot

The Apricot Jacket is back, folks. Look, I finished the fronts!


I finished the knitting on these Sunday night. Things went pretty smoothly after I managed to get the ribbing at the bottom correct (you are looking at attempt #3 there). The sleeves are on the needles as I type and, if I don’t get all distracted, I might be able to finish them before I head up to Michigan for Easter weekend. I'd like to say I'll have everything finished and sewn up by the time I get back, but I tend not to knit much when I'm around my family. They bring out my slothful side.

FYI: the finished cardi will be about the same color as the lightest bits shown in the pic. This yarn looks all orangey and blotchy when it's wet.

In other news, The Rib and Cable socks have been gifted. After much rigorous brother-in-law testing, Natey declares the Mountain Colors Bearfoot to be Not Itchy. There you have it folks. His sensitive footsies have spoken. Selah.



Beautiful! Good luck with finishing the sleeves.

Ooh, Apricot is lookin' good! I love the color. What kind of yarn are you using? Good luck with the sleeves:)

I can't wait to see the finished cardie. I've been thinking about making one for a little while now, but other projects keep stamping it down the list... Have a lovely Easter weekend!

Nice! What yarn are you using for that again?

Apricot looks awesome! Have a safe trip and enjoy the weekend. Jay and I will be painting, cleaning, and painting.

Looks great so far! And the color is perfect to wear for spring.

Great news on the socks :) Your Apricot Cardi looks fantastic... what yarn are you using? I was thinking about knitting this some day.

I'm glad he likes the socks, knitters need their work to be appreciated! Apricot is going to look fabulous!

Hm...I don't know if my comment went through. In sum: ya, socks are appreciated! And, Apricot looks really, really good. Love that jacket.