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Finished: Modified Rib and Cable Socks


The Specs:
-Pattern: Rib and Cable Socks from Fall 2005 Interweave, severely modified.
-Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot, in Juniper, and Sock it to Me Essential 4 Ply in Mint Leaf.
-Skeins: One 100g skein of MC Bearfoot + about 20 grams of the Mint Leaf.
-Needles: size 1 bamboo dpns.
-Start to finish: March 5 - April 2.
-For: Brother-in-law Nate, for his birthday (which was in February...hmmm).

I severely underestimated these socks from day one. They may look all green and innocent, but under that cabely exterior they're really pretty devious. This was one of those projects that turned out fine, but took forever to knit because things didn’t go quite as planned.


-knitted toe-up in case I ran out of yarn. (I did, so that was good).
-I made the socks 80 stitches around instead of the required 60, to make them man sized.
-I used a PGR shortrow heel.
-The first sock was a bit too snug in the ankle (I was knitting tightly, in hopes that I wouldn't run out of yarn.) so I dropped the stitches on all four of the cables on the back of the leg and hooked them back up again sans cables. This took forever, but it fixed the problem.
-When I ran out of the Mountain Colors Bearfoot, I stopped cabling and just knitted the ribbing pattern using leftover yarn from the Squirrelly Swedish Mittens (points for stashbusting!).

In fact, the only part of the directions I followed was the bit where you set up the cable pattern. I didn't even read the rest of it. Oh, and I used the required yarn, but not at the correct gauge.

Other considerations: The yarn pooled, so I alternated knitting from the inside end/outside end of the ball. This was a pain in the neck, and the yarn still pooled anyway.

Final Verdict:
Pending. [If we disregard the fact that I am gifting Very Warm socks just as the weather is getting nice and balmy, I will consider these a success if a) they fit and b) Natey doesn’t find the mohair content in the yarn to be too scratchy.]

**a bit later** geesh--I'm a grouch! I just re-read this and I sound like the biggest negative grump. I really do like them and I'm thrilled with the way they turned out. I just thought I should add that. Coming soon: more positive posting!


They look good to me. The bright green cuffs add a bit of fun factor to them!

I love the socks! Few things that you've done I want to learn. 1. Knitting toe up 2. Modify a design 3. Using different heel techniques. Would be really freeing if I knew all that!

Great socks! I think the pooling effect actually shows off the cables better.

Those socks look so soft and luxurious!

How would you rate the Mountain Colors Beafoot yarn, especially to wear? You mentioned that it might be considered a bit scratchy by the recipient-- do you find it so?

Hey, I was going to say that I LOVE the socks, and I like the other color green on the leg part!

They look very handsome anyway. And I think you can get the odd thing off your chest when you've battled with a knitting project so!

They are beautiful. I really really like them. The colors are great!

Can I steal that last part of your post - **a bit later** - and paste it at the end of my last post? I feel the same exact way...but more like an idiot. Ha!

Haha! I love the addendum to your post! Classic. It seems like I always feel that way about a project right after I finish it, and then in 2 weeks I'm in love with it...interesting phenomenon. The socks look great, and it looks like you kept the pooling to a minimum.