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Finished: Apricot Jacket

The pro-finishing camp won out...I sewed her up!


The Specs:
-Pattern: Apricot Jacket, from Rebecca No. 27
-Yarn: Handwork Cora substituted for GGH Java (not an exact substitution).
-Skeins: 8 balls in Caribbean Sand
-Needles: size 8 bamboo
-Start to finish: September 2005 - April 23, 2006
-For: Me!


Sizing: The substitute yarn knit up a bit under gauge so I decided to follow the directions for the larger size and hope for the best. The finished cardi has the same measurements as the smaller size, so it worked out pretty well considering that I did no math. I also lengthened the arms by about an inch to make it tall-person compatible.

Seaming: My sleeve setting-in skills have always been sketchy at best so, just for fun, I tried crocheted seams* for the sleeve caps. Folks, we have found a winner! It could be argued that the seams are slightly bulkier but they look pretty dang fantastic (if I do say so myself). I stuck to good old mattress stitch for the sleeve and side seams.

Buttons: The buttons are vintage mother of pearl (three different patterns but all the same size) that I got in a jar of old buttons from the thrift store.

Final Verdict: It's a winner! I recommend this one highly...the pattern is interesting, it knits up quickly, and it’s v. flattering. I can see myself wearing this one a lot this summer!

p.s. Don't forget to copy out the errata if you're making this one.

*I couldn't find a good link...it's basically just a slip stitch crochet through both layers of knitting.



Ooh! I love it, Elli. Great color for spring and a perfect fit! Congrats on a beautiful finished piece.

Elli, this is a really nice sweater. You do look nice in it. It's good youmade something for yourself. I have projects I'd like to knit for myself, but have yet to start them.

your apricot jacket came out so cute! I love the color and the fit looks terrific.

It's gorgeous on you, Elli!! Congratulations!!

Oh. my. gosh. It's beautiful! I love this pattern so much, it looks really fabulous on. I have a question for you: I'm thinking of knitting one in black Cascade Indulgence (70% superfine alpaca, 30% angora). The label says to knit it on size 8 needles, so it seems like this yarn would be okay for this pattern. What is your opinion, having knit this? Does the cardigan need cotton, or is fuzzy alpaca ok?

I saw that Rebecca the other day, and was wondering where I'd seen it around blogland . . Looks great. I may have to add it to my list. I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of it.

Bravo, that is a wonderful cardi! I like the top you're wearing underneath it too!

Lovely sweater, and such a nice finishing job. It's good to see how that crochet seaming looks "in person" instead of just in books - I think I'll try it next time I have to do a set-in sleeve seaming job. I have some Foxfibre cotton in my stash that will be perfect for this sweater.

It is awesome! It fits you well, too. And for the record, I don't see the bulkiness at the sleeve cap!

It's absolutely gorgeous and so perfect for spring and cooler summer nights!!!

That is so pretty. Fab job.

It looks lovely on you! You're right, those are very nicely set in sleeves.

OMG That looks so great! The seams look super fantatic. What a great job.

That is such a beautiful sweater and very flattering! You should feel so proud of yourself. I love it! Good work!

Elli, your Apricot Jacket is so lovely-- in fact, I love your entire outfit! And the shape of the jacket is very flattering; it fits you perfectly. I hope you enjoy wearing this again and again.

I often rely on the crochet set-in sleeve method too. It's definitely a great technique to know!

That turned out absolutely perfect! The fit is great and so flattering. And a neutral color that will go with everything! You must be so happy.

I may give the crochet slip-slip a try the next time I attempt set-in sleeves.

I am not sure if I have commented here before, but I had to! What a fantastic cardigan. Seeing yours has inspired me to go looking for the pattern to make one for me!

Elli, I love your sweater. So pretty. Great pictures too!

Yay you! It's a really beautiful garment.

Atta girl! That was the right way to go. It looks amazing.
The fit, the color...just perfect.

OMG Elli, it's FABULOUS!! I adore it! Agh, I must get knitting again!

Wow - it's looks really beautiful on you. It's very flattering, and frankly it makes me want to knit one of my own.

however i have a question - is your copy of Rebecca in german or english? and if it's in german, does the pattern need translating?

see i can't get Rebecca over here in the UK, and the only copy of that issue i get find to order is in german, which is fine except i can't actually speak or read german.

i know it's cheeky but would you ever consider doing a swap for a photocopy of the pattern?

Either way, congratulations! That was knitting very well spent. :)

WOW - speechless. absolutely beautiful.

Very beautiful and modern!
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It turned out fantastic! I love rebecca its one of the best out there!

Ooo.. this is the prettiest apricot I've seen so far... look great on you! I'm thinking of substituting yarn too, would be very helpful if you can share your gauge info with me. Thanks in advance!

Hi Elli
I love your 'apricot jacket' and the pictures under the 'cherry?' blossom are perfect.
Can you help? where did you buy your pattern. Living in the UK I searched with no luck. I managed to buy a copy from US it cost me just under £14 (I must be crazy) it came and is all in German. I googled the translation (looks like dutch now and worse than it was before) so I emailed Rebecca they said get back in touch with the shop I bought it from. I did, they said they didn't have it. I am going insane. I am going to knit this pattern if it kills me which it probably will. any help will be greatly appreciated.