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Back at it

I'm back at work after a nice long weekend with the family. I didn't take a single picture the whole time I was in Michigan so you'll just have to conjure up your own images of familial easterly bliss. We shopped, we crafted, we watched movies, we ate lots of yummy food...all the important stuff.

Over the weekend I located the last few things I need to make the Weekender Bag for the sewalong. I finally decided on some coral fabric to coordinate with the bird fabric I want to use. It isn't what I'd originally envisioned (I thought I'd go green), but I think it'll look pretty cool for the piping and the lining.


Once I got home and looked at the pattern a little closer, I realized that I need to go out and buy yet more stuff (heavy duty sewing machine needle, fabric marker, different pins, a yardstick...). I've never seen a pattern that called for so many materials! Who knew these bag things were so complicated? I see in the instructions that there is even a "false bottom." Geesh. I may have gotten myself in over my head here.

but it's so cute...

In knitting news: I finished the sleeves for the Apricot Jacket. They are blocking contentedly on the living room floor and should be dry by the time I get home tonight. And yes, I am fully aware that I messed up one of the eyelets on the right sleeve there. You can chalk it up to Mr. Darcy...I was knitting that bit while we watched Pride and Prejudice.


The next question is...should I seam the sweater or start working on the bag?


I love the fabrics you chose for the bag. It is turning out pricey with all the additional stuff you have to buy, but the pattern instructions are pretty clear (so far). And the false bottom is probably the easiest ;-)

That bag is so beautiful. Don't read ahead, just go for it!

I'd say seam first. I know, I'm boring...but isn't it great to have a FO?

I love your fabrics! I'd say finish the seaming first before starting the bag. The pattern makes the bag look deceptively simple - it took me forever just to cut out all the pieces. Can't wait to see how your bag comes along.

Hmmm...I have no opinion, they're both beautiful projects!! I must say though, I am looking forward to seeing a finished apricot! It's my favorite jacket pattern, I guess I should try and knit one sometime. I'm also excited to watch your bag progress, though...I love the fabrics you picked out! Good eye! Blog reading will be exciting here at elliphantom... =)

BAG, BAG, BAG! But I'm biased because I'm on a sewing kick right now!.. =)

I love those fabrics! I'd seam first, get it out of the way.

oooh oooh the bag THE BAG. Not only is it so cute I want one (evevn though i dont sew and have no gear to sew with), but really I cant wait to see how your combo turns out!

Seam first, then you can start on your bag whilst wearing your latest FO, which should give you some encouragement when on reaching the end of your second seam you have to choke down an urge to throw your newly acquired notions and materials across the room. (Oh wait, is that just me?). The bird fabric is BEAUTIFUL!

How about both? You can cut out all of the fabric pieces, then seam up your jacket-- with the bag pieces ready to go and waiting temptingly, maybe the seaming will seem to go faster... Though I admit that I'd seam first since I would feel terribly guilty about starting a new project so close to finishing another-- after all, I'd want to move on without the thought of an old project lurking at the back of my mind.

The fabric combination is lovely and perfect for spring and summer. I'll be interested to hear your reviews on the bag pattern also.

Oh, I think you should seam the jacket first, can't wait to see the FO! I adore the fabrics you've chosen for your bag, it's gonna be lovely :)

I'd say seam Apricot, but I'm only saying that for selfish reasons. I want to see the whole thing together--it looks great in pieces so I'm sure it'll look fantastic all put together!

Bag. :)

Your Apricot Jacket is so beautiful, it lead me to the knitalong site and then to yarnmarket where I bought the magazine. I already have the right kind of yarn for it - you're so inspiring! Very nice blog, I've added it to my bloglines. And your bag is going to be fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

just found your blog through the knitting blogs webring . . . i can't wait to see how your weekend bag turns out. i've had that pattern for a few months now and am getting anxious to try it out myself!

This stuff is amazing! I'm so jaw-floored by this site, I LOVE the weekend bag! The Squirrel Gloves are so funky they're definatly on my list of things to do.

Where do you get such cool project ideas and patterns? I trawl the internet but mostly get pictures of grandfathers looking uncomfortable in an over cabled nightmare (sometimes with an anchor across the cheast too!)

As an ambitious but raw young knitter (just turning my second heel) I'd be really excited to know!

Frankly I'm relieved that there are other people under 100 who are knitting...

Oh, thank you! THAT'S the photo of the sleeves that I've been looking for! I'm trying to knit them in the round and they're giving me no shortage of grief.