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6 months


Yesterday marked six months since I started blogging here. Time flies, eh? I'm not going to get mushy on y'all or anything, I just thought I'd rest on the old laurels and get away with posting pictures you've already seen. To be perfectly frank, I'm a little surprised at how much I've accomplished in my spare time.

On the Weekender Bag front: I'm. Still. Cutting. Out. Pattern. Pieces. Last night I could possibly have finished all the cutting, but I accidentally slashed myself with the rotary cutter (these things tend to slow down production). Don't worry; I didn’t bleed on the fabric. I mention these things purely to elicit sympathy. At any rate, I hope to have something to show for it soon.

p.s. Thanks for all the sweet comments about the Apricot Jacket! I expect you all to go out and make one now. Send me pics.

p.p.s. A big thank-ewe to Thunky for all the programming/proofreading/photographing he does for me. It's a thankless job being the man behind the knitter. Yes indeed.


You *really* have accomplished a lot in 6 months, Elli! So many beautiful items! You should be proud.

Happy 1/2 year blogiversary! I'm glad I found your blog (even thought I can't remember how I found it now).

i'm really impressed with everything you've created over the last six months. it's always good fun reading your blog. :)

Happy 6-month anniversary! I gotta say, yours is one of the blogs I look forward to reading. Keep up the good knitting!

Happy 6mths blogiversary! I love reading your blog eventhough I rarely leave comment. Thanks for sharing all your great stuff. Keep up with the good work!

Happy anniversary!! You're lucky to have a helper =)

Happy Anniversary! I have really enjoyed reading your blog, and seeing your pictures over the last few months. I hope that there will be many more months of knitting and blogging ahead for you!

Congrats on your 1/2 anniversary! All of your projects are so pretty. :)

Happy ½ year blogiversary! I just found your blog today by hitting random on the midwest knitters ring – but it’s amazing what you’ve accomplished in the past 6 months!

love the apricot jacket...I've been wanting to knit it forever, but can't seem to get my hands on the pattern! :(

happy 6 months!

congratulations on a lovely first 6 months.
here it to more

Six months? Already? It seems like just yesterday that this blog was only five months old :o). Here's to many more blogiversaries.

happy 6 months. i love the look of your blog. so stylish.

Happy 6 months. You sure are a prolific knitter. I love the Apricot Jacket. The shaping is very nice.

Happy anniversary!!I think your blog is so cute.and love the Apricot Jacket!