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Trials and Sock-u-lations

Who knew that introducing simple cables to a sock (and making them for largish boy feet) could suddenly turn socks into a three week process? I wouldn't be surprised if, after I finally finish the green cable and rib socks, I don't knit another patterned sock for the rest of my life. It'll be plain old stockinette socks from here on out people. I know they're not that much fun to look at, but it's not as if I've got much to show as it is. The second sock pretty much looks like this one right now.

What is it they say about taking hair from the dog that bit you?


Socks that Rock in Olivenite (more accurate color here). Obviously too nice for just plain old stockinette socks. I think this skein is going to go and sleep in the stash for a while.


Maybe you should make a resolution only to knit patterned socks for yourself... ;)

You should be a yarn photographer.

Ooh, I second that, you should definitely be a yarn photographer! And considering a normal pair of socks will probably take me 2 months to complete, I'm thinking I should never attempt anything more patterned than the Jaywalkers.

So I take it Thunk shared my exciting news. We definitely have to get together a couple of more times before Jay and I move to VA. And Fleece Fair!!! I can hardly contain my excitement!

Mmm...yummy skein of yarn. That's too bad you don't want to knit cable-y complex socks anymore, they're so cool! I have yet to knit a sock, but I'm sure I would feel exactly the same! The Hooray for Me Gloves on size 1's are taking me long enough...though I guess I am knitting other things, too.