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Feeling Springy

Have you seen the new Vogue Knitting preview? I'm loving some of the spring sweaters...

RomanHoliday_1.jpg RomanHoliday_2.jpg

The jury’s still out on this one:


It looks temptingly Delphine Wilson-esque, but I'd want to close the front and make it symmetrical.

I'm also intrigued by the knitted corset they show on their homepage. Not enough to knit it, but enough to be wondering what it's made of (hopefully not wool) and wondering how warm it would be. Of all the knitted undergarments I've seen lately, this is one of the less odd looking ones.

Things are still busy as all get-out at chez elliphantom--hopefully by this weekend things will have calmed down and I'll have time to get some serious knitting in. All I've had time to do this week is knit a bit on the Juniper socks, and work on the mitten pattern which, as you might have guessed, has turned out to be a whole lot more complicated than I anticipated. I've got a bit of pattern-writing learning curve to overcome. Maybe by Friday? I have to stop reading so many blogs...


That olive number looks pretty nice.

Ok, so I looked at those spring previews and the knitted bikini? Sure, pattern's fine whatever, but that model made my abs shrivel up a little and die. Did I say "abs?" I meant, "self esteem."

You can stop reading my blog if it will help the mitten pattern, hehe! I won't post for a little while. Hope this little number doesn't sap too much of your energy...though it will be a valued part of next winter's knitting repertoire for me! I admire you for writing a pattern, I wouldn't even know where to begin.

The new VK looks nice... I always like the spring/summer issues! I hope your mitten will turn out fine :)

Thanks for posting the link. Looks like a promising issue. I too am intrigued by the corset. Good luck with the mittens!

I just got this last weekend! This is definately one of the best ever!