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Guess what I finished?

The mitten pattern!


Just to warn you, I changed the pattern a bit to make them a little longer. It turns out that, when it comes to guessing how long mittens for women with small hands should be, I stink. They were too short. They didn’t even fit my friend Ginny who has lovely short little fingers. So if you notice that the picture looks a little different from the instructions, you’re right. Follow the pattern, not the picture.

If you do decide to knit them, which I know isn’t highly likely with spring here and everything, feel free to drop me an e-mail at elliphantomknits(at)yahoo(dot)com with any questions. I proof-read it ten bazillion times, but it’s entirely possible that I’ve missed something. Oh, and you’ll need version 7.0 of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the pattern. (free download here).

The pattern is here: Squirrelly Swedish Mittens

In other knitting news, I’m planning the spring line-up. This spring and summer is going to be devoted to knitting for me. I only have three gift-knits planned and I am going to try not to add any more (you can laugh all you want…I’m serious). More on that later.


Woohoo! Rock! I've already printed out the pattern, thank you for publishing it. So effing cute.

Your patterns are hot.

Looks great! I love how you made the chart so big. I can't wait to try this pattern out.

So! Excited!

Great mittens! I'm definitely taking down that pattern.

The first time I knit a pair of mittens (making up my own pattern), I made them too short too. I had to go back and frog back the decreases. I've learned though!

Congrats... those are so cute! I can't wear mitts here but I may decide to make them some day for my sister who is studying in Ireland :)

Thank you very much for publishing, it's a very cute pattern. Once I finish my Nordic mittens I might give yours a go, only two colours might be good for a change.

I can't wait to make these! Love the squirrels!

Yaayy!!! Thank you for taking the time to design and publish your pattern Elli, it really is a winner.

De-lurking to thank you for writing up the pattern! I love these mittens so very, very much :)

Those are really cute! My niece would definitely love them. Thanks for the pattern!

yay! I'm definately going to make a pair or two of these this year. :)

I love how simple you have made the actual pattern information. Great job!

Beautiful! Love the colors!