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Finished: Toothy DPN Case

I’ve been planning to make myself a dpn case for a while now. Saturday morning I came across some nice heavy green cotton at the thrift store and it was just the nudge I needed to get things going. Always a fan of dental hygiene, I decided to pair it with some tooth fabric that I picked up for a dollar a yard last fall.


I spent more than an hour trying to figure out how on earth these things are constructed before I got smart and did a little research. I ended up loosely following the instructions for the “roll-your-own needle case” from Stitch ‘n Bitch (resizing it to be shorter and wider) and, taking inspiration from the Organized Knitter, I decided that mine should fold, not roll.


Being a “collect all five!” type personality, I stitched the pockets in my case to fit exactly one complete set of dpns with an extra pocket on each end in case of dpn emergency (are there size 1.75 needles?). As I am not yet the proud owner of a set of size 11s, I’m using that pocket for my needle sizer.

Final Verdict: I love it. Love it, love it, love it.


That needlecase is so handy. One of these days, I vow to unsort my knitting needles from their scary jumbled sack.

The Mountain Colors Bearfoot colourway is beautiful! I love the new socks.

I love, love, love it too! You did great! I didn't know you were a seamstress as well. =) I'm planning on sewing up a needle case too pretty soon; thanks for the Organized Knitter link, I like the way they do their cases.

Oops, I'm the anonymous commenter above...forgot to type in my name.

I love love love it too! You did such a great job. Did you really choose the toothy fabric to remind yourself that just in case you need a toothpick that you could use a DPN? ;) I'm being cheeky!

That's such an adorable needle case, I love it! The fabric is too cute :)

It's very, very cute, Elli!! Congrats on figuring how the construction and making such a useful case!

Yay -- that's adorable! And so neatly sewn. Every weekend I think I'll finally bust out all the cute fabrics and trims I've been hoarding and make a couple needle rolls myself... I'll have to keep looking at yours to motivate myself. Apparently my ever-expanding set of dpns isn't motivation enough!

love it!!! I work as an assistent at a school-dentist, so I schould make one just like it:O))))

Oh how cute is that?!! I love it!! One of these days...well, you know the rest.

That's so cute! I love it. Who doesn't appreciate good dental hygiene, combined with organization? Good stuff.

I want to say I love it too, but that would be stating the obvious at this point, huh? Thanks to your post I have an idea of how to make a dpn case...

Great job on the needle case! It reminds me that I need to make one too.

I love the fabric you chose!

The dpn case is wonderful! Can you tell us what the finished measurements are? Any hints to those of us who want to make our own version?

Your DPN case is marvelous! I've been looking for that alexander Henry fabric for awile now, to make a tooth awesome that you found it for $1.oo a yard! Beautiful work!