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Big Spender

I now fall into the category of people who spend too much on sock yarn. That's ok though. Up until today I'd only spent $1.22 on yarn so far this year. Pretty good, huh?


This would be Mountain Colors Hand-Painted in Juniper. If you look behind the yarn you'll see the new sofa which we finally got yesterday. I love it. It has nice flat arms. I know it's a little crazy, but I'm really excited about the flat arms because I can set things on them and the stuff won't fall into the couch the way it does when you set it next to you on the cushion.

Before we got rid of the old couch I stuck my hands down the cracks and I found all sorts of stuff...a couple of cable needles, a crochet hook, stitch markers, a dpn, and the ebony hairstick my dad made me that I had given up for lost. And I'm someone who vacuums under the cushions semi-regularly. Come to think of it, my mum was telling me that she found my brother-in-law's stuffed fanged rabbit in her couch a few months back. And it had been lost since Christmas 2004.

In fact, I bet there are all sorts of great things in your couch too. Go check. The best way to do it is to remove the cushions and stand on the couch so that the weight of your body opens up those deep crevices. Then stick your hands in. You'll probably find all kinds of things you thought you'd lost, plus a lot of crud, and enough change to buy a pizza too. Let me know if you find anything good.


I love the color of the yarn/couch! I have an orange corderoy couch that I love and you can't beat the funkiness! By the way I LOVE your Hidden agenda sweater. Good idea with the couch-crevice-fishing, only seeing as the couch is second-hand, I'm a little nervous. Wish me luck!

I haven't found anything interesting in my couch lately, and now that the slip cover is on, it ain't coming off :) But I DID find a cable needle behind the recliner in the office today. The sock yarn is beautiful btw. Love those colors.

Love that color.. both the yarn and the couch!

I'm too scared to delve into my couch. That's some yarn. The light makes it look like it belongs in a church. Or behind a glass case...Green is my favorite color.

Ha! Beautiful yarn....nice shot.

Yay! Nice couch!!! Did you get the chair too?
I'm so excited to see it next weekend. Bork Bork!

Isn't underneath the couch cushion where the Chibi needle goes?

Love the gren yarn!

Scary--I'm not sticking my hands there! I have a hank of the same sock yarn in my stash--I am also guilty of spending too much on sock yarn. It seems okay--you only need a little, right? Mountain Colors is worth it!

Love the couch, and love the sock yarn. I am also guilty of spending way too much on sock yarn. And I moved last weekend, my couch cushions are sewn on, but when we tipped it over, out fell a couple of crochet hooks and a bunch of doll accessories.

My son recently found a pedometer that he was given for Christmas 2004 down the back of the sofa. I thought we had lost it in the wrapping paper. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work.

We have a futon, so the element of surprise is sadly lacking. No couch-spelunking for me. I covet that yarn deeply. It is beautiful and I love that it semi-matches your couch. Hooray!

LOVE the sock yarn and love the couch. And love the blog, which I just discovered. Could I ask you a question about your archives? How did you get the cool squared neck on your hourglass sweater? I've been wanting to make the sweater, but all the pics seem like it's got this huge Flashdance round collar that give me flashbacks of being 13 and dreaming of being a welder by day and exotic dancer by night, which I don't love. But the squared collar, that's cool...

Love the greens in that yarn! And the greens of the couch! Just happened upon your blog today and have enjoyed it! I'll definitely be back!