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Shetland Yarn

Guess what? I spin! It may be a detail I've neglected to mention on the blog. I've got my own wheel and everything--Thunk and my Mum got together a couple birthdays back and got me a lovely Ashford Traditional. I still have miles to go before I'm a pro, (ratios? I can't even name the basic parts of the wheel yet!) but hopefully all I need is a bit more practice, and to spend some time with other spinners so that I can pick up some tricks.

In an effort to empty some bobbins for the Curry and Spinning Night that Wendie and I have planned for this weekend, I plied this yarn:


Recognize the fiber? It's Shetland...Sheepdog. The fiber is from my pooch Sam, who lives with the parents out in Washington State. My Mum (who I suspect encourages eccentricities in her daughters so that she has more exciting gossip for the Aunties) considerately saved up a whole bag of Sam fiber for me when I asked last year.

Sam (pic courtesy of my fiber enabling Mum):


The resulting yarn is a nice light heathery brown and pretty soft and fuzzy. There are some coarser guard hairs spun into the mix as well. I only have 37 grams, so I might have to spin up some more before I have enough to make anything. But then again, what would I make out of dog hair? A hat? Maybe something for my Mum...


In other news, it's Thunky's birthday today! Happy 27th to my favorite boy!


Ok, so my big question about yarn spun from dog fur is... does it smell really doggy when it get wet?

You should definitely knit your mom a clever dressy little neck scarf, so she can illustrate the eccentricity more effectively. :)

Wow, that's some nice looking handspun!

While I realize my hipocracy, wearing sheep hair and alpaca hair and goat hair (not to mention living in a house full of cat hair), I still somehow can't wrap my head around knitting with dog hair --perhaps a little too much of seeing how the sausage is made...

But what a sweet looking doggie!

Wow, the yarn looks really great! I think you should definitely make a hat or gaiter for your mom.

Wow, very cool! You're one talented girl.

Oh, and of course, happy birthday to Thunky!

Knit a sweater...for the dog!

When I first saw that yarn I thought, "wow, she's spinning angora." =)

Happy birthday to Thunk.

Ah...at last a picture of this mysterious Thunk, and in a suit, no less! You know, I used to live in a student cooperative house, and this old member came by one day with a very fuzzy white hat. She had had it spun and then knitted it out of her dog's hair, too! Everyone was pretty impressed. It was pure white, and looked like angora. I love the look of dog hair yarn, but man, the shedding has got to be a drag, right? It seems like it would knit up into a pretty and cozy neckwarmer or cowl.

Oh Elli, you're so on top of things! I haven't even tossed a wayward glance at my neglected wheel all week. I'm dying to move on to that alpaca.

*waving at Thunk* Happy Birthday!!

See you on Saturday!

Wow, I'm impressed! It looks great!

I've heard that dog hair can be slippery and tricky to spin... did you find it to be so? You did a great job regardless-- the finished skein looks really luxurious! Perhaps it will make a pretty trim for a hat?

Oh, this 'dog-angora' looks very interesting and sooo soft (beautiful pictures!) I am curiously waiting for the answer to the question on the doggy smell.
My idea on what to knit with it would be a hand muff. A project like this is both, small and eccentric.

I secretly harbored thoughts of spinning my boyfriend's dog fur. But, wait. I don't know how to spin! ;o) I wonder if you could get varigated yarn from that dog's fur?

Friends think I'm crazy when I ask for their dog hair! I have several bags of dog hair waiting to be washed and spun up.

I've seen a few dog-hair scarves and I've yet to determine if they smell when it they get wet...

That's brilliant!

I love camel yarn, so why not dog? :D

In answer to you question about the yarn i kool aid dyed - the green was a mixture of 1 lemon-lime, some kind of turquoise berry flavour (also 1 packet) and a tiny amount of grape to darken it for the darker areas, and 1 lemon-lime and a bit of grape very diluted for the overall shade.

I should have written down what the exact flavours were, but i was rubbish and didn't.

I didn't do the whole 1 packet per ounce because i'd heard that the colours come out really bright. Also because i only had 9 packets in totally, including all the reds and purples.

hope that helps. thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

(But you already know my feelings on dog hair yarn)

you could use it for doll hair haha, on a hand knit doll :)

Pet hair spinning is not as rare as you may think. I've spun pet hair since I learned over 10 years ago. Sheltie fur is some of my favorite. Check my website www.petbears.com to see what I do with it.
Odor is no big deal. Just wash the skein in hot with some borax.