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The deadline I set for myself to finish Thunky's (v. belated) Christmas Sweater is drawing near (Feb 8), so I finally got my act together and finished the sleeves. See?


(In a strange guilt inducing coincidence, the gift I was supposed to give T. for Christmas is blocking on the gift he gave me for Christmas...early.)

In other news, I did not watch the superbowl. I did however go to the opera, invent a delicious shrimp soup, and learn how to make samosas from scratch. A good weekend. And now, if you will excuse me, I am going to get back to doing whatever I want. I love taking personal days.


Have a lovely rest of your personal day! Um, can you share the soup recipe?!

Yay for personal days!

And I love saddle sleeves (is that what they're called?).

=O Did you say samosas? Share your recipe!! Don't worry about the superbowl.. you didn't miss anything at all.

I love personal days... The sweater's looking good...love that flash of orange. I need to get a blocking board, too!

Nice sleeves ;) I've been looking for a sweater for Jay, and that pattern looks do-able for me. I might have to sneak a peak at it while we're visiting this weekend.

oh, and I must get myself a blocking board. The ironing board and/or carpet just aren't doing it for me!

Sounds like you had an indulgent weekend! Mmmm... I love samosas too!

I recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading your entries and looking at your beautiful photos. Good luck on finishing that sweater!