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Finished: Thunk's Hidden Agenda Sweater


The Specs:
-Pattern: Hidden Agenda Sweater by Kate Watson from Amy Singer's Knit Wit
-Yarn: I substituted Handspun Bulky Wool from handpaintedyarn.com for the Manos the pattern called for
-Skeins: 9 and 1/2 skeins Roanoke, 1/4 skeins Sunset
-Needles: size 10 circs (size 8 circs for collar)
-Start to finish: Mid October - February 22
-For: Thunk

Notes: I am so amazingly overjoyed to be finished with this sweater. What with all the procrastination, the funky yarn, and me making every finishing mistake known to knitkind I wasn’t sure I’d ever see the end of this one. The finishing was brutal…I sewed both sleeves in backwards, reknit the collar about six times, and spent an entire evening on the zipper alone (my first). It's a good thing that this sweater turned out or I would be very, very sad.

The Yarn: Drop the money and get the Manos. If I had to pick one word to describe the Handpainted Bulky Wool it would be "inconsistent." Some of the yarn was over spun, some skeins were drastically more thick and thin than other skeins, and some were hardly thick and thin at all. I think I did a pretty good job of blending it together to get a consistent look, but it wasn't much fun. On the positive side, the colors are very nice.

The Pattern: The pattern was lovely and easy to follow. I made the second smallest size (42" chest). In retrospect, I could have made the smallest size...it's a little large on him and I’m afraid that the weight of the sweater will cause it to stretch out. Still, it looks nice now.

Final Verdict: It's a winner! Thunky is out wearing it as I type.


Very nice! You can always felt it a bit if it stretches :)

love it. it looks perfect to me.

what a refreshing change to see a finished garment for a man. i'm so used to see womens' stuff.

Wow. I can't believe you made that with your own two hands. I think I like everything about that sweater. Out of curiosity, what is the print in the background of the photo? Is that fabric? Wallpaper? I really like it too.

Wow, great job. Did you end up switching skeins every few rows to blend the yarns? Love your background, too.

It looks amazing, Elli!! Great job, and kudos to you for sticking through the rough parts.

The sweater looks terrific! By seeing the one you made, I'm convinced that I need to make one for my husband-- he's been wanting a ribbed sweater for a while now. Thanks for the tip on the yarn!

Congrats! Thunky looks very handsome in it and it fits well. And I love the backdrop fabric as well! =)

Loving the sweater Elli!!! It looks fabulous. A hip hip hooray for you for sticking with it.

It's a gorgeous sweater and Thunk looks great in it!

Just LOVE Thunk's Sweater, I showed my husband and he is expecting one done for him by next week (yeah right!)

Wow! Looks great. What a good job, I am so impressed. The pattern is so cool and the nicest bit is that you definitely won't see anyone else walking down wearing the same thing. And if you do, then hooray because they are a knitter (or friendly with one).

Congratulations on this awesome sweater!

The sweater turned out beautifully! You have inspired me to finish up my black hole of a sweater!

i though I already posted a comment...but I guess I didn't...It looks great!! Love those touches of contrasting color! Thunk looks so very cute in it. ; )

Very nice sweater. I love the color too. I'll definitely get some of those yarn...