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Finished: Squirrelly Swedish Mittens


**Update** The pattern is now in the sidebar on the main page (you can't see it if you are in the archives).

My Olympic Knitting is done! No gold for me though--I was picking up stitches for the final thumb as the torch was extinguished. Still, I came pretty close considering that Thursday through Saturday I was out of commission (busy being sick and all). I finished the mittens on Monday night instead and am v. pleased with how they turned out.

The Specs:
-Pattern: My own
-Yarn: Elann's Sock it To Me Collection Essential 4-ply (30 grams each of dark and light green)
-Needles: size 1 bamboo dpns
-Start to finish: February 22 - February 27
-For: A knitted offering to the Olympic Spirit. They were supposed to be for me but they're too small *sniff*

Notes: I'm planning to write up the pattern for these soon. How soon? Maybe in a few days if everything goes smoothly. Maybe longer if it doesn't. I also want to chart up and knit another version that will actually fit me. I'm still trying to decide on colors--I really like the green on green, but not enough to knit another pair in the same colors right away.

Surprise! The thumbs are stripey inside!

Final Verdict: I like them. Too bad they're so small.


I *love* your mittens! I can't wait for you to post the pattern! I think they would like cute in a brown/red colorway... How small are they? My hands are pretty small...hopefully they would fit. Are your hands on the larger side? Love, love, them...good job, Elli.

Congratulations!!! They are fabulous!! My hands are pretty small too, you know...so if you need a home for them you know who to ask!

Too small? So who are they going to be for?

So cute! And how impressed am I that you made that pattern all on your own? In addition to the squirrels, I really like the small pattern toward the finger tips. Well done!

those are adorable mittens. can't wait for the pattern!

Ahh! I love them! They are so great. That is too bad about the size. I hope you'll share the pattern soon. This might have to be my first stranded project!

Well you did it! They are awesome!! I am so proud of you and hey the one looked nice on my hand :)

How cute! By looking at these, no one would be able to tell that you had struggles with the two-color knitting technique at the beginning-- the knitted surface is perfectly even. Great job!

So cute! Have I told you how much I love squirrels? Ya know, I, uh, have pretty, um, small hands ;)

I love the mitties! Fantastic work and congrats on finishing! I love squirrels, so I'm excited to see the pattern too, although colorwork is a bit beyond me at the moment.


They're beautiful!

And I won't even be getting a bronze for the Knitting Olympics. As of today, I'm still a DNF. ;)

Very cool. Small like for a kid? I want to make them for my daughter, can't wait to see the pattern.

This pattern is so cute, thank you for sharing! I made a little dress using the squirrel parts, for, uurrh, my doll. :D ^_^

hello, Elli, I "thought" I had left a comment (or I did but the comment hasn't appeared ^^), to let you know that I use this ultra cute squirrel pattern on a dress for dolls. The result is great! thank you for sharing!