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Finished: Garter Stripe Scarf


The Specs:
-Pattern: An Elliphantom Original
-Yarn: Plymouth Yarn's Baby Alpaca Brush
-Skeins: 1 skein each of 2 colors
-Needles: size 9 Lantern Moons
-Start to finish: January 30 - February 12
-For: Me!

Notes: Lovely mindless knitting. I knitted quite a bit of this on Saturday Night when Wendie was over. The rest was knitted while avoiding other knits, watching the Olympics, and at stoplights. Knitted with yarn from the stash.

The Yarn: I love the Baby Alpaca Brush. It's soft. It comes in lovely colors. My only complaint is that I used two (supposedly) 50g balls to knit the scarf and the resulting scarf is 88g. I had 4g of orange left over at the end, which brings the total yarn weight up to 92 grams, but where are the other 8 grams? I love my scale, but sometimes it causes me heartache (the kind of heartache you get when you're afraid that a yarn company you trust is secretly trying to rip you off).

The Pattern: CO 20 sts with yarn A, knit one row *Knit two rows with yarn B, Knit two rows with yarn A* repeat until you run out of yarn, cast off on the second row of a color so that the stripe is the same thickness as the others.) Easy Peasy. I think y'all could have figured that out.

Final Verdict: La-la-love it!


A little mindless knitting can be good for the soul. Your scarf looks very nice. I personally think garter stitch is the unsung hero stitch of the knitting world.

I love your scarf! It's simply perfect. :-)

Cute color combo! I like it too! =)

I've read that humidity makes a difference. I don't have an accurate scale, so I haven't done any tests.

Nice orange! Love the thick and thin stripes...too cool. Now get to work on olympic knitting! Ha, just kidding...I haven't gotten much done lately.

The scarf is so cute on you! Love the colors.

You where it with a stylish flair :o)