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Feeling Squirrelly

Folks, we have a mitten:


Wednesday evening I sat down and fiddled around with gauges and charts until I came up with a nice mitten pattern. Since then I’ve done nothing but watch the Olympics and knit green yarn.

I’m really happy with the way the first one turned out, except for the size. I have an 8.5 inch hand circumference, and (as I’ve discovered) a brain cloud when it comes to designing this type of mitten. In retrospect I can see that I severely underestimated the number of stitches I’d need in the hand to compensate for the lack of thumb gusset. My hand is big. My mitten is small. We’ll chalk this one up as a learning experience.

Still, I’m extraordinary pleased with myself for figuring the whole Fair Isle thing out. On to mitten number two!


That mitten is too cute! Love the squirrels and the green!

This is a little weird, but my sorority's (Alpha Gamma Delta)mascot is the squirrel. would you be willing to share your pattern? It is absolutely adorable!

Oh Elli, it's perfect! I LOVE the greens, and the little squirrels are just so cute. :-)

LOVE the green squirrels! I too was terrified of fair isle until a few weeks ago when I cranked out a Lopi sweater.

I like squirrels :) You could call it a bit obsessive even. Great job on the mitten! It looks fantastic. I'm still plugging away on that $%#$^&@#$ sweater tank.

I love it! The squirrels are adorable :)

Sooo cute! I love the green. Are you going to share the pattern? =)

WOW!!!! It's gorgeous!!! Great job!!

Ca-YoooooT! I love it, great job!

Looks great! Your tension is so nice and even, too. Good luck with mitten #2!

It's so beautiful! I love the colors together.


Ooooh! Too cute -- love them!