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More Demi and some Swatches

I haven't forgotten about Demi, see? I'm into the armhole shaping.


Things are cruising along slowly but surely...I'm still pretty chained to the chart so I really only work on her at home. My only concern is that she might be knitting up a bit on the narrow side, but I'm trusting that a good blocking* will straighten things out.

By tomorrow I should have some finished Octo-Socks to show you. Aside from that, things have been a bit slow on the knitting front. I'm still regrouping from Christmas (read: doing all the stuff I put off so that I could knit presents). I also spent a good chunk of this weekend shopping and making plans for redoing the living room which, if you remember my knitting spot shot, is currently a bit dismal. This is what I've got so far:


-The background fabric is one of the set of curtains I found this weekend at Urban Outfitters.
-The pictures (still frameless) are the Owl Notecards by Susie Ghahremani from her shop at boygirlparty.com.
-The fabric swatches are for this couch (green for the sofa, hounds tooth for the throw pillows). We're also still trying to figure out if we should get the matching chair or if we should find a different one.

I think that should brighten things up a bit! Now I just have to be patient, as it will take 6 weeks for the sofa to arrive. I guess I'll just have to knit to pass the time...

*in case you're curious, I decided to return the blocking board. The store we ordered it from is being very nice about it so far.


Ooh... your Demi's lookin good! I've got to get back to my long-neglected Demi, but am trying to finish up the Rogue I'm making for my sister before her Feb. 1 b-day... Why does gift knitting always have to come first?!

That looks anything but dismal! What a cheerful living room.

Fun, I love green! Your Demi is coming along nicely too!

Oh, fun fun fun - that will perk your knitting spot right up!

i like the owls and green couchie stuff. a lot. what are you doing with ye olde couch? nevermind because even if i wanted it i have no way to get it. but give it a last snuggle for me as thanks for the many lovely naps.

Your demi is looking great! I don't know how SQ finished hers so quickly. I love the patterns and colors you've picked out for your living room. You've got really great taste!

Cute! Cute! Cute! I love the owl cards (I love owls), and the curtain fabric. Yourliving room will be *very* cheerful. And Demi looks beautiful, I love that color.

Oops, sorry, that anonymous email was little 'ol me. Forgot to type my name.

ooooh, will you come do my house when I have money? lovely! That couch is so cute, I love Todd Oldham's collection.

Demi's looking great!

Demi is looking great! I love it in that blue color. and those owl notecards are way cute!

Demi is looking great. I've been eyeing on this sweater for awhile.

I love how your Demi turned out, the tweedy flecks add a bit more interest :) Beautiful!

keep going on demi! i didnt have a problem with the final product being too narrow. if anything, ym biggest problem was that there's all kinds of room in the armpits.

the decorations you picked out are SO cute! :)