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Old Dogs

So you may be wondering how the Fair Isle training is going. Well...over the weekend I sat down with my Fair Isle swatch and taught myself the Continental method and the English method. Then I taught myself how to combine the two. Then I futzed around a bit and figured out a way to hold both yarns in my right hand at once so that I can knit the way I usually do. Guess which method won out? You got it. The Elliphantom Special.

While this means that I'll have to take an automatic deduction from the technical judges, I know that this is a good move because it's going to make me like knitting Fair Isle, which is really the point of this whole exercise. Besides, I have no business getting squeemy about using the wrong technique now, as it's never really bothered me in the past. La, la, la, knitting rebel, la, la...

In celebration of my newly liberated knitterly self, I started a new project. Sometimes you just need a little Garter Stitch to take the edge off. Besides, my life currently lacks cute accessories.


This will be a completely mindless, purely tactile knitting experience. What could be nicer than knitting with lovely soft yarn on my new Lantern Moon needles? Yum.



I love baby alpaca, fun!!

Isn't that baby alpaca brush delish?! Great colors. Was trying to retrain your knitting style torture? I do English, but keep considering changing to continental -- I just can't seem to force myself to do it. Good for you for coming to terms with your own personal style!

Great fun scarf! I like how you are alternating colors; its a simple touch, but works really well.

Ooooh, that scarf does look yum!!

la la la.. you renegade knitter you ... la la la

good for you! you really do have to find the technique that's going to work best for you when it comes to color work like fair isle, otherwise you're just going to hate it, and then what's the point?

and speaking of alpacas, guess who's going to go to an alpaca farm in Cloverdale this weekend? shall i pick you up some roving?

I dig the alpaca (cozy!) and the chandelier it's perched upon. Lovely!

"Completely mindless, purely tactile knitting experience": my fave! I like those nice, cheery colors.

Hey, I'd love it if you'd come join my Olympic Team - Team DPN!!



That yarn is yummy!

Oh my, yes. I really love that yarn. I've never even seen it in those colors and I love them together. Cute accessory, indeed!

The Baby Alpalca is beautiful. I love that orange!

I think combining English and Continental for fair isle makes perfect sense. I change the way I knit it all the time, depending on the size needles I'm using.

If you can throw English style with yarn over your index and middle fingers, that works for fair isle too.

Fascinating site and well worth the visit again. I will be back soon