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Mittens: part I

I am going to knit a pair of Fair Isle mittens. Yes, indeed.

I joined Stephanie's Knitting Olympics. If you haven't heard about it yet (which would be difficult as it seems everyone in knitblogland is doing it) go over there to read the rules. Since just thinking about Fair Isle makes me go all clammy, I figure it will be a good challenge for me. And, in the spirit of destashing which is also sweeping knitblogland, I am going to use a book I already own and some sock yarn from the stash. How's that for frugality?

The book is The Swedish Mitten Book, by Ingrid and Inger Gottfridsson (how cute is it that their names match?). I think this is the modern day equivalent, but I'm not sure.

I have until February 10 to learn to knit continental with two hands. Wish me luck!

Mittens: part II

I've wanted to show off these mittens that my friend Janis knitted for a while now. Janis is the most modest person I've ever met...I had no idea she'd finished these until weeks after the fact. As friendly revenge, I'm showing off for her.


Cool, huh? The yarn is some that I dyed (trying to match her scarf there) back in July. Hooray for collaborative projects!



Good for you, Elli!! I’m cheering for you and I can’t wait to see your mittens!

I'm sure your mittens will be beautiful, like everything else you knit =)

Your friend's mitts are really cute! I'm really impressed with that dye job, I like how the stripes look.

Nice dye job! Way to go to Challenge yourself. I'm sure you'll get them done!

Wow, I thought I was looking at some ArtYarns stuff! :)

Cool -- fair isle. I seriously considered entering with the fair isle yoke sweater from the Holiday VK, but I've never done fair isle before (or much of any color work), so I got scared off. Can't wait to see how they come along!

Great dye job too -- you've really got the stripes thing down.

yay! I'm so glad you joined...now I can check in on your blog when I want a little inspiration to get going on my Knitting Olympics Hourglass. And vice versa. =) Good job on being frugal...it always feels good to make use of the materials you already have. Now, time to finish up some of those WIP's for mid-February!

Oh that yarn is beautiful! You must teach me how to dye/paint yarn!

Good luck in your Olympic event. I'll be cheering you on from over in the Baby Sweater arena. Watch out for the Russian judges, I hear they're tough.