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Christmas Wrapup

I promise, this will be the last Christmas post until...well, probably next August. I'll need to get started that early as I seem to be incurably ambitious when it comes to Christmas Knitting.

So how did the whole Christmas knitting thing pan out?

Finished (on time):
-Pop's Vest
-Mum's Laurent
-O's Trellis
-Lou's Socks
-Ross' Beanie

Running Behind:
-Thunk's Sweater. It's still sitting forlornly next to the couch. I got a little disillusioned with this one when I blocked it and things grew in unexpected ways, so I was more than happy to abandon it when Thunk decided that it was more important to finish O's Trellis. The new goal is to have this one finished by T's birthday, which is February 8 (I think). That should give me plenty of time (I hope).

And I've neglected to show you the knitterly things that my lovely family gave me for Christmas:


They are: Knitticisms, Handknit Holidays*, Knitting on the Road, Yarn Harlot: the secret life of a knitter, Alterknits, a pretty tape measure, yarn cutter, Lantern Moon needles, and a scarf and tam knitted by Thunk's Grandma Betty. Oh yes, and a blocking board! That would be Thunk's doing.

One question for all of you blocking board owners out there. On one end of my board, the grid pattern is poorly printed. A comparison: Nice end. Not as nice end. Is this normal? Should I return it? For what they cost I was hoping for something a little bit nicer. What do you think?

p.s. I was wrong. DWTS is on tonight (not last night). Vote for Jonathan and Anna!

*Just to eliminate any confusion--I removed the dust jacket from Handknit Holidays. I didn't get some secret edition of the book with a different cover.


Nice gifts!

My blocking board is pretty consistant all over, none of the faded print you seem to have. I don't think yours looks bad at all, but I'm a slob so take that with a grain of salt :)

My blocking board is the same on both sides. It's not that bad though, but if it really bothers you, I'd inquire about it. It just might be a pain to have to lug it over to get it shipped. Nice holiday knitterly haul, too!

For what they cost, I'd inquire about having it replaced. You'd hate to lose the grid markings over time. After all, that's a big reason why those boards are so great! And unlike cutting mats (handy for quilting), these blocking boards should last a very long time.

Neat gifts from your family!
My board is consistent all over. I would also inquire about having it replaced. I think the company should be responsible for the return shipping cost because they sent you a less-than-perfect item. Perhaps they can even email you a prepaid return shipping label. Good luck!

Well you made out quite nicely ;) Sorry, I only wish I had a blocking board. Do you love your Lantern Moons? Huh, do ya? It's like knitting with butter...but not as messy (the butter thing never did make much sense to me).

Wow, what a lot of great knitting stuff you got!

My blocking board is also very consistent all over. I'd check with the company or store about getting it replaced - but if you have to ship it somewhere, it's probably not worth it.

I watched DWTS last night! I can't believe how many people are on it. I thought Anya was really funny. I voted 6 times for Jon and tried to vote for Anna, but the line kept giving me a busy signal. I think she'll get lots of votes bc of Jerry Rice, so I'll keep voting for Jon I think.
I love how my comment is the only non-knitting related comment. Can you tell I'm a non-knitter???

What great gifts, Whats the first project your going to knit out of Alter knits. I knitted up the lap top case and it's waiting to be felted.