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Well, we're back home again! Christmas was celebrated with my family in Seattle this year. Actually, we were in Sammamish, but have you ever heard of Sammamish? Didn't think so. But I digress...remember how I was afraid my Mum's sweater wouldn't fit?


It fits! And so does Pop's vest. I think we can safely call this a Christmas knitting success.

PopInVest.jpg MumInSweater.JPG

And in case you haven't had enough of Christmas yet, here's my entry for Carola's Christmas Excrescences Contest:

There is a cul-de-sac down the street from my parent's house that goes a bit overboard for Christmas every year. Each house has a theme and, in addition to lots of lights, has big painted cutouts that tie in with the theme. Here they are in the order you drive through:

The Grinch House
The Stocking House
The Polar Express House
The Christmas Carousel House
The Nativity House
The Candy Cane House

My pick for the contest?

The Nutcracker House (between the Stocking and Polar Express houses). The front yard showcases three towering nutcrackers with moving parts (one drums, one opens and closes its mouth and one has a working fire hose that squirts into a pond). The finishing touch? Custom red and green neon lights trimming the whole house.



put woss' hat up!!
(he's so cute.)

Wow! What Christmas successes!

They both look perfect on your parents!

Wow, the sweater and vest look awesome on your mom and dad! Congrats.

They look awesome! Your folks look pretty pleased :)

And they even match! Was that on purpose? Gorgeous.

You have the cutest parents, Renee!!

They look great! I think I'm going to make that vest for my dad too. I hope it turns out just as nice as yours!

Yay for successful Christmas knitting!! The sweater and vest look great on their respective recipients, WTG!

There's a similar street in St Catharines that kinda goes overboard too, but not so hip to any theme.

Such classic knits on your good-looking parents.

Looks LOVELY!!

Oh and Ps... I know where Samammish is (have a friend who has a house on the lake as a matter of fact) and heck I was even in the neighborhood :)

Happy New Year and many happy and pretty knits to you!