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Let there be sleeves

Well, so far things are looking good for the Elliphantom Christmas Countdown. Yesterday I conquered the never-ending sleeves. Not much to report there...I managed to knit them straight through without any mistakes. This could mean one of two things 1) It is a Christmas Miracle (hopefully the first of many) or 2) I just haven't found the fatal error yet.

At this point I consider it a minor Christmas Miracle that anyone keeps coming back to look at more pictures of brown stockinette. To shake things up a bit, and to ensure that I still have a readership in the New Year, I've thrown in my new shoes for interest. Everybody likes shoes.

(Since when have I been knitting an orange sweater? Oh well, at least the shoe color is correct.)

So here's the plan. Tonight I will block the sleeves and the back of Laurent. We're talking a good wet blocking...none of this Rowan "pin and iron with a damp cloth" nonsense. Also, I need to buy buttons (I always forget about that part) as it might be a good idea to have them on hand when I knit the buttonholes. Saturday I'll knit the button bands and collar, and then block the fronts. Hopefully, with the help of dry winter weather and my great big fan, things will be ready to sew up on Sunday. Hooray! The end is in sight.

The only thing that can thwart me now is that package from Elann with the yarn for Trellis. Heaven help me to be steadfast and true.


Those shoes are cute! Good luck with the seaming and button bands this week. Just remember to be patient. We all know what happens when we get excited to almost finish something and start to rush things.

Nice shoes! Actually, it *is* interesting to see cute shoes on a blog, especially glittery, girly shoes in a cute shade of green. Good luck and God speed you on Christmas knitting! I'm doing the same, but not half of the complexity of what you're doing. I can't wait to see the finished Laurent.

I love your pretty blue site! The elephant gets me every time.
What kind of stitch are you using on the bands of your brown sweater? It looks like garter, but fancier. I really like the clean simplicity of it.

Ooh... cute shoes!

And, of course, the sleeves are nice, too. Now you've got me thinking that my mom should get her own Laurent. For now I'm working on Salt Peanuts for her... similar miles and miles of stockinette.

looooooooooove the shoes Elli, too cute! Laurent is still gorgeous, can't wait to see it finished (I'm sure you can't either!).

Gosh, I'm so envious at how even your stitches are, those sleeves are beautiful! And cute shoes too!