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Finished: Lou's Socks

Well, Christmas provided with me with such a huge heap of blog-fodder that I froze up for a while there. That and vacation makes me lazy. So I guess I'll just jump back in and start where I left off. I finished Lou's socks! That was back on (counting on fingers...) er, December 20.


The Specs:
-Pattern: Priscilla's Dream Socks by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, from Interweave Knits, Fall 2000 (also in the subscriber-only portion of their website)
-Size: Men's small (80 sts)
-Yarn: Steinbach Wolle Deo Socke Antibakterielle (tee-hee)
-Skeins: Nearly 2 skeins @ 50g each
-Needles: size 1 and 2 bamboo dpns
-Start to finish: Early July - December 20. (severe plan-aheadage combined with last minute knit-panic)
-For: Lou for his birthday/Christmas

Notes: This is the only sock pattern I've ever used. It's a versatile pattern as it has a nice range of sizes for many gauges. I also really like the PGR short row heel. However, I think that after this pair (and the still unfinished octo-socks) I'm ready to move on and try another pattern. Maybe something with some cables? Maybe something toe up? Any recommendations? My only requirement is that it has to fit large feet. Nobody in my family has smaller than size 10 feet.

Final Verdict: Cozy socks all around!

P.S. Thunk has made some improvements around the blog over the last couple of days including (but not limited to) getting rid of that weird gap below the Categories button and making me a Finished Objects page. Yay!


Those socks look real comfy and I really like the colour too!

I am knitting up a pair of size 12 socks *all plain* for my hubby so I'll be interested if there's any *simple* designs that he'll nod his head in agreement to :)

Very nice socks!

I always do toe-up socks using the same basic construction, just varying the stitch pattern. If you like the basic pattern you're using, you could just vary stitch patterns. If you're interested in trying a completely different construction, the toe-up cast on and "recipe" that I use are in the sidebar of my blog. (Everyone in my family has big feet, too. Sigh.)