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We're not in Kansas...

...but we sure are having more than our fair share of fall tornados in the Midwest. On the bright side, I was able to get in a few rows at work yesterday afternoon while waiting for the sirens to stop. Some of my coworkers reported seeing roofing materials swirling high up in the air above the building, but no funnel clouds. Me? I was in (what I considered) the safest room in the building. First floor. No windows. I'm a big tornado chicken I am. It was nice though--rather like a big impromptu work party. There was even a cute baby in attendance.


Last night (during another tornado warning) I laid into Laurent and cranked out a nice patch of stockinette. I'm at the half-way point on the back now. If the rest of the sweater goes as quickly, this should be a relatively fast knit. The collar instructions don't even look that complicated...nary a short row to be seen. Of course, skipping the intarsia speeds things up considerably.

Here's a better detail shot of the edging. It pretty much looks like gussied up garter stitch.

As for the yarn, I’m enjoying the Merino Style more than I expected. I've heard mixed reviews--that it doesn't hold up well when frogged. However, I ripped that slip-stitch edging more that once and the yarn seemed to come out ok. Maybe I'm a gentle knitter? We'll see how it holds up when actually worn though.


Looks great so far! Your stitches are so nice and even. What's that fabric that you laid it out on? It's pretty, like coffee beans.

I love that edging. K 1 row? k1/p1 the next?

Muy bonita! You take such nice photographs =) I like Merino Style too and I think it's one of the most under-appreciated yarns on the market.

Wow, your stitches are really really even! I love the edging.

Such a beautiful fabric and the edging is very nice.

Very soft and pretty!

Wow, amazing tension you have there. The stitches look perfect!

Nice colour too!