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Weekend Knitting

There wasn't as much weekend knitting as originally anticipated...but I bought yarn!

Funky colors, eh?

On Saturday, Thunk and I went to see the LOTR exhibit with our friends Jason and Wendie. It was v. cool, though the museum wouldn't let us take any pictures. You'll just have to use your imagination...lots of costumes and props and one very creepy wax body double of dead Boromir in a boat. Wendie is a knitter too (yay!) so we hit Mass Ave. Knits in Indy after the museum. I was v. restrained and bought only the Regia sock yarn (which was on sale) and a pair of long size 6 Brittanies.

Sunday I resisted casting on for the socks and finished the back of Mum's Laurent instead. I really hope it doesn't grow much when I block it. It is the perfect size right now.


I started on both Laurent fronts last night. I'm working both at the same time so it feels like things are moving pretty slowly, but it's just mental. I'm past the fancy edge bits now, and on to the miles and miles of stocking stitch. Provided I remember to read the pattern (not always as easy as it sounds) things should be fairly zippy from here on out.


Very nice looking back. That colour is to dye for. Reminds me for caramel.

Nice sock yarn too. :)

Fun yarn! I love funky colors for socks.

I knit that yarn into socks for my son, and had enough to spare for a pair of baby mittens. (In my sock gallery.)

I like the colors of the Regia yarn! And congrats on finishing one side of Laurent! It’s looking very good.

That's a pretty Laurent back, good job! I like the sock colours too :)