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Last night, feeling the knitalong spirit, I cast on for Demi. Well, I cast on twice. The first time I cast on for the 36" bust (medium) thinking "hmm...I'm would normally make the 32" but I'm a little under gauge so I should go with the 34" just to be safe...and it looks nice with a little bit of ease on the waify model there so I think I'll try the 36 inch." I knit about four rows before noticing something looked a bit odd (as in oddly huge) so I finally bothered to look at the sizing diagram and wouldn't you know that the smallest size (32" bust) actually measures 36"? So I'm making that one. Yes indeed. You'd think by now I would have learned how to read a pattern.

This is as far as I got on the back before bed. I'm just about to start the cables:
All those twisted stitches! Ai-yai!

In other news: progress continues on Thunk's Christmas sweater (can I rename it? I just can't bring myself to type "hidden agenda sweater"). I'm finished with the back and about a third of the way into the front. Lots and lots of k2p2 ribbing. It's a wee bit mind numbing, actually.

I also cast on for Mum's Christmas Laurent but I already have issues with the slip-stitch edging. The Rowan people want me to knit it on size 3 needles but on size 4s it's coming out way tighter than it should (it's actually a little too tight on size 8s as well). If anybody knows someone who has knit this one, send them my way. Otherwise the edging will be knitted on size 9s (bizarre, I know. This all just seems a little too wrong).


Looking good so far! Are you working both the front and back at the same time?

I was thinking about reducing the bobbles.. in the photos they seem really large.. what do you think?

Looks good so far! I like those brown tweedy flecks!

Very nice! How do people get their knitting to look so nice while it's in process?! All my stuff looks like junk until I block it. Ugh, you talented people make me so bitter... ;)

I like your color selection, too. I'm glad for this knitalong, finally a chance to see Demi in "real life."

I really like the color of Demi. And your ribbing is so neat and tidy!

The colour is gorgeous, I love tweedy yarn. Can't wait to see more of this!

Wish I had some advice, I've never done slip stitch edging before. I love the tweed yarn, that's going to be one awesome sweater.

I really like that color... and as for your comment to me about starting with a sleeve, I sort of wish I'd started with the body -- even when I finish the first sleeve, I'll still have SO much left!