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Other Things

I want to get at my size 1 dpns so that I can use them for a certain knitting experiment but they’re currently occupied with this sock:


I Kool-Aid dyed this yarn last summer and I love how the colors turned out. However, I abandoned the sock when I realized that I was cutting things pretty close with the yarn. Think I’ll make it? I just have to turn the toe. Oh, the suspense.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here that I took the afternoon off work. I was able to make some good progress on Thunk’s sweater (almost finished with the back now), finally ordered some yarn for Mum’s Christmas Sweater, and took a stroll around campus to soak up some of the fall colors. Now I'm all recharged and ready to face the weekend.


Love the colors in that sock! Fingers crossed that there is enough yarn!

I love those colors! I was just going to ask if that was a Vesper colorway! Would you share your Kool-aid recipe?. I think I might take the dive into my first dying experiment.

That's such a beautiful, breezy colorway! Gorgeous. Your campus looks amazing, where is it?