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Off to Michigan!

Yay! I love long holiday weekends. Thunk and I are packing it up and heading off to the land of my youth to see my sisters. My parents have thoughtlessly moved to the west coast, thereby rendering themselves inaccessible for turkey-based holidays, so we will be celebrating without them.

We're staying with Rae (my older, shorter sister) and her husband Nate for a few days at their house in Plymouth. Saturday Kricket (my younger, also shorter sister) will get into town. Plans have been made involving a turkey, Moscow mules, Christmas decorating, Harry Potter movie going, and shopping. There might even be needlecrafts of varying types. I will definitely knit. 11-12 hours of driving time round trip is enough time to put a significant dent in Laurent (I do surely hope, anyway). Throw in traffic and snow and I might even have more knitting time than I would like.

At any rate, progress on Mum's Laurent continues. See?


See the gaps in the middle? I'm supposed to continue the textured stitches up the edge of the sweater and sew them into place later. I'm just wondering how one does this neatly and nicely. The pattern specifies slipstitching. Note to self: buy a comprehensive knitting reference that gives instructions regarding slipstitching (any suggestions?).

Also, on a side note...those little Clover locking stitch markers are my favorite knitting accessory ever. I've used them more as tiny stitch holders than as stitch markers, and they thoughtfully put two colors in a package so that you can mark port and starboard on your sweater.

And because I know I've shown you way too many pictures of brown stockinette lately, here is a bonus shot of our favorite autumnal snack (and my favorite primitive appliance) here at Chez Elliphantom.


Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!


Sounds like you have a great trip planned! Hope you make lots of progress on Laurent!

I still have to compliment you on how even and perfect your stitches look. Have lots of fun with your sisters this weekend. I can't wait to see how much you've knit when the weekend is over. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sheer perfection. Everything. Your tension, the shaping, the colour! What yarn are you using?

Cute squirrel! Hope you get tons of knitting done! And Laurent is lookin' sharp. I'll be looking forward to your next post. =)