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Angela asked about the Kool-aid recipe for the octopus* sock yarn, so I thought I'd share. It's pretty simple.

I used one 100g skein of sock yarn and the following Kool-Aid combinations:
-darker blue: 1 packet Berry Blue
-pale blue: 2 packets Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade
-pale green: 1 packet Arctic Green Apple and 1 packet Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade

If you do more than one skein at a time you might have to increase the Kool-Aid a bit (?) I don't think I exhausted any of the dyebaths, but this was months ago and I can't really remember all that well. Experiment at your own peril.

The self-striping yarn tutorial found at ginabeana is great. If you plug in your gauge, the number of colors you want and your desired stripe width and it tells you exactly what to do. I did a 5 row stripe, in case you were wondering. Knitty also has a good article on dying that shows color swatches for some flavors. Can I just say how much I love the smell of Kool-Aid dyed wool? It's like scratch and sniff stickers.

In other news, I cut it a little close, but it looks like I'll have enough yarn to do a second Octo-sock. I have a whole gram to spare.
But where are the other 3 grams? Grrrr. Maybe the label weighed 3 grams?

*why octopus? The colors reminded me of a little tag painting of an octopus that Susie did over at boygirlparty.com. Her shop is closed for the time being (sad) but she does really fab work. I love her owls and octopi.

Julia wanted to know where campus is. I've never attended IU...I leave the school-going to Thunk these days. Maybe if they had a PhD program in knitting it would be a different story.


It looks like a beautiful, nature-y campus. Kind of like mine, (Berkeley) we have lots of trees and streams. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Aw! Cute!

I think the other three grams are lost in the knitting wormhole. Hopefully said wormhole will spit them back sometime soon.

Thanks for posting the recipe! I'll have to try it soon. Oh, and your sock looks so perfect!

Oh this colour is so nice! So 'aquatic'. I had to laugh so much about your experiment with the balance. Wow, paper IS heavy! ;-) But maybe you just hit the point where there is some REALLY heavy fiber in strand that always lies aside? Be careful lifting it then ;-) I am glad that you commented on my blog, so that I found yours.