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Results may vary

I didn't get as much knitting done this weekend as I was hoping (I haven't touched Demi) but I did make some progress on the Christmas knitting.


After many swatches and much futzing around, I decided to knit the edging for Mum's Laurent on size 8 needles. The knitting itself is still narrower than I’d like but when I went up to size 9s the stitch pattern lost its structure and got all floppy on me. At this point I'm trusting that a stiff blocking will solve all my problems. I have that bad feeling that I'll come to regret my decision...going up 5 needle sizes seems like a knitting sin punishable by something bad. Like moths descending on my stash. Or arthritis.

I knitted like a fiend on Sunday and managed to finish the front of Thunk's sweater. I decided to block the front and back just to make sure things are going as they should. Before blocking things were looking a bit narrow (like mini-dress for me narrow) but the ribbing relaxed nicely when it got wet.

PreBlock250.jpg PostBlock250.jpg
Can you see where I joined in new skeins? Yeah, me too. I think I did a better job on the front though.

Unfortunately, things got a bit longer in the blocking as well. Both pieces grew, but now the back is longer than the front. How do these things happen? I think I'll have to take out the bottom, rip it back a bit, and reknit the yellow edge. This, of course, is my punishment for not blocking my swatch.


I, too, have been punished for offending the knitting gods by not swatching. For such insouciance, you must do three "Hail Merino's" and an act of knitting contrition.

How much longer is your front v. the back? If not much, you can hide the difference in length when you seam it together. You knit like a madwoman this weekend. I, on the other hand, not so much ...

Bleh, I hate when things don't go perfectly in knitting...oh wait, that's what knitting's *all* about. Especially with garments, but aren;t they rewarding? Thunk's sweater looks really good, even with the slight change in color. I love, love the mottled brown. Is it Manos yarn?

Hi there,

I just came across you website and wanted to comment on how nice it is.

Gorgoeous photograhpy and yummy knits! Love your hourglass especially.

I was wondering where you got your sock pattern from. The one that uses you own dyed yarn (delightful btw).