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A little (more) Christmas knitting

On Sleeve Island. Send Hula dancers. I need something to distract me from the Endless Miles of Stockinette.


On a slightly different tack, remember how I was going to knit just three Christmas gifts this year? How I decided that it was the best way to avoid holiday knitting insanity? Well, apparently I can't take my own good advice because a few other things have crept into the queue.

Thing One: Trellis. For Thunk's niece O. This baby needs a snuggly sweater. Oregon is a cold, cold place and her parents requested something warm for her to wear for Christmas. My knitter's alarm bells went off so I ordered some Jaeger Matchmaker Merino in the color tinsel. The yarn should be here by the end of the week. Justification: It's a small sweater; I should be able to finish it before the 10th of December when I see her, right?

Thing Two: Socks for Lou. Lou deserves some socks. I could give you the 20 or so reasons but I'll keep this short and just give you two. One: he gave me a big beautiful wooden swift last summer (no occasion). I had told him I was saving up for one and within the week he had bought one for me. Turns out that, when he was a little thing, his mother used drag him to yarn shops and then made him hold her skeins while she wound them into balls (see? knitting trauma can result in more thoughtful men). Second reason? His birthday is in December. Besides, I've almost finished the first sock.

Don't worry, I have huge feet. They'll be large enough.

I’m using the same basic pattern that I did for the Octo socks, and this yarn. I'm guessing that "antibakteriell" is a cognate.

Also, I'm planning two or three smallish mystery knits (I don't even know exactly what they'll be yet). Justification: I am going on a cruise to Mexico in a couple of weeks and need small, mindless things to knit on the plane/ship. As we already know, I can't really bring anything that requires pattern reading if I'm going to be around people. And, as you can see, I seem to have a burning need to knit something for everyone I know.

So what does this do for my Christmas knitting schedule? Well here's the plan:
-December 4: Finish Laurent (doable, if I stay on task).
-December 9: Have most of Trellis finished. I figure I could do some finishing on the boat, if needed.
-December 10-17 (on cruise): Knit Lou's second sock and get one or two more small gifts knitted.
-December 18-20: Finish any remaining small gifts.
-December 21-28 (in Washington) Wrap up lose ends and finish Thunk's sweater.

I know I'm just asking for trouble, but there's no harm in trying, right?


But it's good to be ambitious! =) Laurent, definitely do-able. Did you take into account button-banding and blocking time? Trellis has got a lot of cables and requires a lot of attention. Are you going to start that now? Nine days wouldn't be enough for me. I think I'd want at least two weeks. Socks and small gifts on the cruise is definitely do-able. How much of Thunk's sweater have you finished?

Wow, it certainly looks like you’ll be busy for awhile! LOL I’m sure that your knitted gifts will be greatly appreciated. The sock looks really good! It is sweet that Lou surprised you with the swift. =)

When in the heck did you start on that sock? I am feeling like a looser knitter now! YIKES!!!

I will be ready on stand-by for when the knitting panic attacks begin.

Wow, you're fast! Laurent sleeves look great :)

Haha! Sleeve island, I hear ya. I think I'm there with Tivoli right now. So. Much. Stockinette. I think your Christmas list sounds totally do-able, especially if you'll be on a cruise (lucky). Just skip the shuffleboard! The Trellis sweater is a good pick! It's so cute!! And the cables, how I love them. Have fun!