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How big are your bobbles?


I managed to sneak in a couple (short) evenings with Demi this week, and all I have to show for it is one repeat. The key to this project is to Follow The Chart. I don't particularly like charts (which is why you aren't going to see much in the way of lace knitting on this blog) so I wasn't paying very close attention when I set up the cables. Needless to say I completely mucked things up. So there was a bit of ripping. Now that I know what to expect, the Chart and I have settled into a relationship based on mutual respect. Things look promising.

There was some discussion among knitalongers about bobble size. I have opted for the abbreviated version (3 stitches rather than the 5 stitches called for in the pattern). I'm backed up by Thunk's expert opinion here. He declared that, as a man, he prefers small bobbles. A penny for scale:

Abe Lincoln likes them too.

Weekend plans? To blast through as much Christmas knitting as humanly possible. And to (perhaps) photograph some of it during daylight hours. Also, we're thinking of going up to Indy to check out the Lord of the Rings exhibit. Has anyone seen this yet?

Have a great weekend!


Elli~I love your sweater and the smaller bobbles! You are officially the knitting queen! I got three rounds done on my socks last night and I thought I was doing great! You are rocking my knitting world and a great inspiration!

Wow, that looks incredible! I think I love the yarn you're using the best out of the Demis I've seen. The cables are so unique, it's just a beautiful sweater. Your knitting looks flawless, you're really going to enjoy this one when it's done.

Demi looks lovely. I saw the LOTR exhibit when it was in Boston, and it was cool. Pretty neat to see the costumes and props up close and personal.

The 3-stitch bobbles look great! I was a little worried that the smaller bobble might not look correct in the pattern, but it totally does. nice work so far!

Wow, you stitches are impeccable once again. I love the of the bobbles. The smaller the better I say. :)

I agree, three-stitch bobbles! I'm not a big fan of bobbles, so if you must, smaller is better! =) Looking good so far! =)

Small bobbles are so much better and well, cuter! Your Demi progress is gorgeous, the tweedy flecks of the yarn adds a certain charm to the pattern.

looks good!for my bobbles, i kept with the five stitches and used size three needles instead of 8's. one of my (obviously nonknitter) friends said they looked like those hanging dead skin moles. if anyone says that to you, just say, you're a dead sking hanging gross mole. the critiques will stop, i promise.

Hey, I found you! Nice bobbles :) But seriously, your stuff is gorgeous, I want to be you when I grow up.

Your demi is turning out nicely! The knitting is so neat and tidy. Good choice with the small bobbles, they seem like the way to go.