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Home Again

We're back! Michigan was fab.


It was lovely. I woke up early every morning and drank tea while I knitted and basked in the light of the Christmas tree. It sure beat going to work. I was able to finish the Laurent fronts (sans button bands) and make some headway on the sleeves. I would have gotten more done if I hadn't been frogging every five minutes. Knitting with people around equals me ignoring the pattern and making whole sections up. Maybe it's good that I don't knit socially very often.

Saturday afternoon the three sisters were observed crafting in their natural habitat. Kricket crocheted her boyfriend scarf, I knitted...


and Rae prepared lessons for her physics class. While this is not a traditional needlecraft, she gets extra points for doing work over a holiday weekend while the rest of us were having fun. Yay teachers!


What else did we do?

We ate. A lot.

Thunk, Nate and Rae are thankful for knitting.

The girls decorated the tree...


And the three boys sat in the basement playing some computer game that required three computers, gin, and salty snacks (I'll let you imagine what that looked like).

We saw Harry Potter (yay!) and also, at home, Shakespeare in Love, and The Birds*.

I think that about covers it. I hope your weekends were all as nice as mine!

*if any of you (like me) have been putting off seeing The Birds because you think it's supposed to be, um, suspenseful and frightening...It's not. The protagonist's hair was the scariest bit. I bet Psycho's not scary either.


Wow, your Laurent fronts look amazingly neat and even! Looks like you had a fun Thanksgiving too :)

You know what I'm going to say about your Laurent fronts, but I'm not going to say it.. =) I may steal your idea and start taking pictures of my knits over scarves. I love those snowflakes!

Looks like you had a lot of fun this weekend!

Wow, I'm impressed with Laurent! It looks like you had a great time with your family.

Hi Elli! Looks like you and Thunk had a fabulous holiday. I think you got a bit more knitting done than I did this past weekend! Laurent looks beautiful!

Hey Elli!! You have been a knitting maniac as usual. I can't wait to see your finished sweater!! Your mom is going to LOVE Laurent, it is beautiful! I am so happy all of the edging worked out for you!!

I'm feeling quite psychic today, and I see an evening of curry and spinning coming up quite soon...and of course you can try out Kiwi! :)