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The past few days were pretty busy, but I did find a few hours to fix the cables on Pop's vest.


Exhibit A: Before the operation.


Exhibit B: Locking stitch holders are my friends (they are holding all the decrease stitches that I had to undo when I laddered down to the problem spots).


Exhibit C: Success! I had to cheat a little on the new cable sections but if you can't see what I did...I'm not going to tell. The corrected stitches need a little blocking to smooth them out but I'm pretty happy with it.

So why was I so busy this weekend? I was working on (and out on the town wearing) this. Happy Halloween!


hello! I stumbled upon your blog after googling "Cash Iroha" and "Hourglass". I want to knit mine out of Andean Silk Twist now!! Your sweater turned out gorgeous. I love your other knits, too. I'll be comin' back for more. =)

My goodness, you are so brave. I honestly wouldn't have had the nerve. And it turned out great!


Love the Dutch costume, you would fit right in with my Grandma's side of the family =)

Awesome vest! Looks really cool!