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As promised, I finished the front of Pop's vest on Wednesday evening. I blocked it and then I admired it for a while and felt generally pleased with myself. That's when I noticed the stupid mistake. Observe:

This is how I knitted the cables

This is how the cables are supposed to look

The funniest part is that when I first saw the pattern in the magazine I thought "hey...that's pretty clever! She wrote the pattern so that the cables hug the neckline like that!" Unfortunately I have this problem when it comes to knitting...I really don't like to pay attention to what I'm doing. I should maybe work on that.

I know it would probably be fine as it is. I know I’m the only one who would ever notice, but I’m having trouble just leaving it with that yawning expanse of purl stitches looking all vulnerable and sad. So I'm going to go ahead and fix it. Not rip it out and reknit like a normal sane person would...no, in order to avoid reblocking I'm going to ladder down through all the neck decreases, correct the stitches and ladder back up again. Wish me luck.

Weekend plans? Tonight: Halloween costume finishing. Saturday: Gingerbread making and Halloween party attending. Sunday: Knitting!


Well, good luck indeed! I agree with you, it would look even nicer with the cables extending.

Happy Halloween!

Ooh, good luck! I've heard vague rumors of this way of correcting cables, please let us (me) know how it turns out =)I think the vest looks great, but when you point out where the cables *should* be, yeah, I can see why you would want to fix.

PS: Thank you for the condolences for my sweater. I keep walking past it, stopping to stare at it mournfully, then walking away. *sob*